Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 54 - See Shen, I miss you so much.

Nanxi immediately blushed.

Although it was in the underground garage, after all, it was broad daylight, so she didn't have the guts.

She bit her lip in a kittenish, pampered manner.

Lu Jianxuan's gaze coldly swept over Lin Xiao and lightly hummed.

Lin Xiao immediately understood and turned around while shouting to the bodyguards around her, "Turn around, all turn around."

As Nan Xi listened, she felt more and more shy.

She hurriedly went forward and stood on her tiptoes to gently kiss Lu Jianxuan on the face.

Then quickly walked away.

Lu Jianxuan smiled, already satisfied.

"Can we talk now?" Nanxi asked with a red face.

Lu Jianxuan held her hand and got into the car, the two of them sitting side by side in the back.

Lin Night drove in the front, until the car was traveling smoothly on the road, Lu Jian Shen spoke, "Gave him money and warned him that he could never gamble again, or else he would break his hand."

Nanxi was a bit silent after hearing this.


"Not really." Nan Xi shook her head, "It's just that I feel quite sad."

"Since I was a child, I envied those families with loving, harmonious and happy parents, because that's something I don't have, I never had the luxury of how much he loved me, nor did I have the luxury of how much money he was going to make to give me how rich a life, I only hoped that he would be as down-to-earth, hard-working, and upwardly mobile as the other dads, earning money with his own hands."

"Even if we have a little bit of a hard time, a little bit of a poor life, and can't buy our favorite dolls or pretty clothes, I'm still super happy and satisfied."

"But it's such a small wish that can't be realized."

The more Nan Xi said, the lower her voice became.

These were the most unpleasant ever in her life, and a past she had trouble talking about.

When she grew up, she hid everything about her "father" tightly, because she was afraid that others would find out that she had a father who was addicted to gambling, and thus speculate about her and her mother's behavior.

She had always kept these secrets in her heart and had never told anyone about them.

But now, she told all of this to Lu Jian Shen.

Not to gain sympathy, but because of trust, she wanted to confide.

"Very fond of dolls and pretty clothes?" Lu Jianxuan asked.

Nanxi nodded, "Of course, what girl doesn't like it."

"I remember on my tenth birthday, my mom gave me a particularly large, particularly beautiful doll, blonde hair, big eyes, long eyelashes, I liked it very much, but then"

Nan Xi's eyes obviously dimmed, "He got drunk and threw my doll away."

"I remember it was raining heavily that day, I was especially sad when I heard about it, and rushed out to look for it despite everything, and I looked through the entire trash can without finding that doll."

"Then what happened later?"

"Later ah," Nan Xi tilted her head, blinked hard, and continued, "Later mom said to buy another one exactly the same for me, but I refused."

"Why didn't you want it?"

"Because that doll was very expensive, it cost several hundred, Du Guokun was especially angry when he found out, and hit mom in front of me."

"I remember at that time I was very thin and small, I was not tall, I cried desperately, desperately pounced on mom, but he twisted me away with one hand and threw me to the ground, at that time I hated him, I always thought that as long as I grew up, I could take mom to escape from him, and take mom to live a happy life."

"But mom didn't wait for that day, and I didn't fulfill my promise."

Nan Xi's tears, silently flowed down.

Such past events were unknown to anyone but Nian Nian.

Maybe it was because Nian Nian and her had the same encounter, so at a young age, they always gathered together to hug each other.

Later, they all grew up, in front of people bright and shiny, intellectual and elegant.

But the shadows of their childhood were etched in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Those muddy blackened and smelly days that almost drove people into extinction were like a puddle of mud, disgusting enough to make people want to vomit.

If Du Guokun hadn't reappeared in front of her eyes, she would almost have forgotten about this person.

However, he was her father, how could she get rid of him even if she hated him.

"How much does he owe?" Nan Xi thought of the point and hurriedly asked.

"One million eight hundred thousand."

At this point, Lu Jianxin didn't hide it.


Nan Xi's eyes widened, almost unable to believe what her ears heard.

Previously, he had owed a few thousand, then tens of thousands, over a hundred thousand.

She thought that this time, even if the amount was bigger, it would be a few hundred thousand.

But she didn't expect it to be almost two million.

"Such a large sum of money, you just gave it to him?" Nan Xi felt surprised.

"For me, it's just a little bit of money, I can afford to give it." Lu Jianxuan replied indifferently.

Nan Xi looked at him and explained seriously, "Lu Jian Shen, it's not just a matter of more money or less money, today he asked for two million and you gave it, next time he can open his mouth and ask for five million, and in the future it'll be fifty million, I know his virtues the best."

"You will only feed him to be more insatiable, he will be like a vampire baring on your body, keep sucking your blood until all your blood is drained by him."

"No, this money can't be given to him just like that, I'm going to get it back."

The more Nanxi thought, the angrier she felt.

Lu Jian Shen grabbed her hand and patiently comforted, "Don't be anxious, since I gave it, I must have my plan, and I definitely won't let him keep milking me."

"Are you sure?"

Nanxi was still worried.

"Well, don't worry."

Hearing Lu Jianxuan's repeated assurances, Nanxi was a little more relieved.

But she still called Du Guokun over, "It's me, Nanxi, don't think you can do whatever you want just because you got the money today."

"Du Guokun, I'm warning you, this is the last time, in the future, no matter if it's me, or See Deep, there's no way I'll give you any more money, so behave yourself."

The advantage of having a big home is that there are many bathrooms, very convenient.

After dinner in the evening, Nanxi took a shower in the bedroom bathroom, and Lu Jianshan went to the other shower.

When she changed into her pajamas and went out, Lu Jianxuan's cell phone happened to ding dong.

Because it was charging right next to the bed and the phone was in an open state, Nanxi accidentally saw it.

As a result of this glance, she instantly stiffened up, and her hand rubbing her wet hair instantly stopped.

It was a weibo message from Fang Qinglian.

"See Deep, meet me, will you?"

"My hand is inflamed, it's very serious, if you don't come, it'll just hurt me to death."

"See deep, I miss you, so much."

Three text messages in a row, all directly at the top of the phone.

So clear, it was hard for her to just not see them.

Just then, Lu Jian Shen pushed open the bathroom door and came out.

Nanxi hurriedly continued rubbing her hair, pretending not to know anything.

When he took a step to the bedside and picked up his cell phone to check WeChat, Nanxi's heart hung in the air.

Would he go see Fang Qinglian?


Or a refusal?


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