Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 51: Kiss if you want to

She was nervous, she admitted.

Very nervous and tense.

She also admitted that she still couldn't help the anticipation her heart was feeling.

Especially when his lips were getting closer to hers, she really had the urge to kiss them.

However, for a whole minute.

The expected kiss did not come.

With a click, Lu Jian Shen's low and sexy voice rang in her ears, "Fasten it, in the future, you need to develop a sense of fastening your own seatbelt."

So it was to help her fasten her seatbelt.

Idiot, she was the one who thought of it.

Simply embarrassed.

Nan Xi's face, all red in a flash.

She hung her head, not even daring to open her eyes.

"It's so embarrassing, Nanxi ah Nanxi, what's going on in your head!"

The moment she lowered her head, she had already belabored herself eight hundred times.

What's worse, the seatbelt was already fastened, and Lu Jianxuan didn't leave, instead he stayed in the position he was just in, circling her as always.

His breath, like a net, tightly enveloped her.

Nan Xi felt that she was already humiliated, and now only prayed that he would quickly return to his position.

However, it was the fear of what would come.

"Did you think I was going to kiss you?" Lu Jianxuan's soft voice slid across her ears, disturbing her heart like a feather thumping.

Messed up.

She had been completely messed up.

How come she didn't know before that he was so good at teasing people.


Nanxi closed her eyes, of course she would never admit it to death.

It was already humiliating enough, she didn't want to be even more humiliated.

"Indeed not just now, just simply fastening your seatbelt."

Suddenly, he reached out, his slender fingers with a hint of coolness, picking up Nan Xi's chin, his deep eyes, falling earnestly on her face.

Seeing her eyes closed, her long eyelashes fluttering like a fan, Lu Jianxuan couldn't hold back any longer and directly lowered his head, sealing Nanxi's lips.

When Nanxi reacted, her mouth was already soft.

Soft, as if cotton candy.

His lips, at first, were icy, with some coolness.

But soon, they became warm.

When all consciousness returned, Nan Xi's entire body froze there as if she was dumbfounded.

Her hands, still resting helplessly on the seat, didn't know how to move or where to put them.

She was so nervous that her entire hand was sweaty and moist.

Her head was buzzing, and only after a while did she react a little, opening her eyes wide and speaking blankly, ''Didn't you just say that you didn't want to ''kiss me''?

However, before she could finish her words, they were swallowed whole by Lu Jian Shen.

In the next moment, his hand pressed on the back of her head and forcefully pressed her against himself.

Nanxi could no longer think, and could only obediently follow his lead.

In the end, both of them gasped for air.

Lu Jianxuan's forehead was pressed against hers, and his sexy voice laughed out, "At first I didn't want to, but just now I wanted to very much."

"I didn't commit myself, since I wanted to, I practiced."

So, was that an explanation?

Five minutes later, the car was traveling steadily on the road.

Lu Jian Shen's long, clean fingers gripped the steering wheel, the temperature in the car had already risen, and he pulled up his top, revealing a small section of his lean, strong skin, extraordinarily sexy and tantalizing.

He drove the car with ease, skillful and natural posture.

It was as if nothing had just happened.

But Nanxi was different, her breathing was still a bit rapid.

If it wasn't for the warmth coming from her lips and the flavor left behind, she even suspected that everything just now was just a dream.

Her heart, was in turmoil.

Until now, her head was still buzzing with the thought that Lu Jianxuan had actually kissed her?

But why did he kiss?

Was it because of love?

Obviously not.

Thinking about it, Nan Xi felt that there was only one answer, a man's possessiveness and a momentary impulse.

Impulse was just that.

She couldn't think much about it.

After sending Nanxi home, Lu Jian Shen went back to the company.

After taking a nap and just waking up, Nanxi found a dozen missed calls on her cell phone.

And they were all from the same person - Du Guokun.

That is, her father.

She didn't even have to guess she knew Du Guokun's intention to find her, in addition to asking for money, or asking for money.

Just when Nanxi had a headache, Du Guokun's call came again.

She did not want to answer.

Directly pressed the hang up button.

So several times, Nan Xi really had no more patience, picked up the phone, and directly broke down, "Don't call me again, I told you, I don't have any money."

"My good daughter, you finally pick up dad's phone, of course dad knows that you a still in school student don't have money, but you don't have it, that good son-in-law of mine has it!"

"My good daughter, daddy begs you, please talk to See Shen and ask him to lend me a little bit of money."

"Lend? A little bit?" Nan Xi grabbed the phone and was furious: "You have the nerve to say you're borrowing?"

For the sake of the baby, she struggled to control her temper, "Okay, since it's a loan, you count up all the money that the Lu family has lent you over the years, and pay it all back, and when you've paid it all back, then come back to talk about this loaning of money."

These words, directly angered Du Guokun.

"Nanxi, you white-eyed wolf, are you my daughter or not, that husband of yours is so rich, casually negotiating a single business is tens of millions of hundreds of millions, I want a few dozen million what's wrong?"

"You look at other people's son-in-law, not to the father-in-law and mother-in-law to buy a luxury car mansion, is to send money, live to be more scenic and more scenic, only I was down and out like a beggar, be laughed at."

"Du Guokun, you still have the nerve to say, these years the Lu family gave you enough money to buy how many mansions, are your own dead, all gambling all, I said, where you lose money gambling, I will not give you a penny."

"It's useless for you to call again, I don't have any money."

After saying that, Nan Xi directly hung up the phone.

When she received another call, it was ten minutes later.

An unfamiliar phone call, Nanxi has never received unfamiliar phone calls, so she directly hung up.

But she didn't expect the other party to be very persistent, insisting on calling several times.

In the end, she guessed that it might be a call from a debtor, so she picked up very carefully, "Hello"

"Hello, is this Ms. Nanxi?" Surprisingly, the voice on the other side was polite.

"Yes, I am."

"This is the hospital, your father Mr. Du Guokun fainted and has just been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, the situation is critical, please bring the money to the hospital immediately."

"Okay, I I'll come right away." Nan Xi said in a trembling voice.

Hanging up the phone, her whole body is weak and soft.

Although she hated Du Guokun for gambling, because of his gambling, he caused her and her mom to be penniless when they were young, it was like a family.

But she was still worried when she heard that he was sick.

Who made him her father?

Breaking a bone still connects the tendons.

Packing up her things, Nan Xi grabbed her bank card and hurried to the hospital.


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