Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 50 - Nanxi is angry, coax her.

"See Deep, you're here."

As soon as she saw him, Fang Qinglian immediately softened her voice and spoke pitifully.

Her hand, which was resting on the desktop, was dripping with bright red blood.

So Lu Jian Shen saw it at a glance.

He walked over and directly grabbed Fang Qinglian's hand, nervously asking, "How did you get it?"

Fang Qinglian didn't say anything and only put on a pitiful look.

Like she had suffered a great grievance.

"Bring me a silk scarf." Lu Jianxuan beckoned and ordered.

Soon, the waiter brought the silk scarf and respectfully handed it to him.

Lu Jian Shen bent down, his slender fingers holding the silk scarf and wrapping it around Fang Qinglian's wrist.

His slender figure was turning his back to Nan Xi, and Nan Xi couldn't see the expression on his face.

But thinking about it, she knew.

It must be anxious and tense.

As for her, she was like an air person at the moment, ignored completely by Lu Jianxuan.

She lost.

She lost.

No longer having the courage to stay, Nan Xi got up and left the cafe.

Outside, the wind started at some point, howling furiously.

Even the sky became gloomy, with black clouds that looked like they were going to cover the entire city.

It's so cold.

Nanxi looked at the dark sky and couldn't help but shiver.

She hugged her arms tightly and pulled out her cell phone, preparing to take a taxi home.

Just as the driver arrived, she was about to sit in it.

Suddenly, there was a heavy weight on her body.

When she turned around, Lu Jian Shen was already standing behind her, putting the jacket he was wearing over her.

Why did he come out?

Hadn't he just had a hard time with Fang Qinglian and was heartbroken?

"Why didn't you say anything when you came out?" Lu Jian Shen looked at her, his voice low and gentle.

It was as if the person who was nervous about his first love just now, wasn't him.

As if the person who did something wrong, was not him, but her.

"I didn't have the heart to interrupt when you guys were making love to each other." Nan Xi said.

This is, the driver's impatient voice came from the cab: "Pretty girl, are you still sitting in the car or not? Don't delay me."

Nanxi was about to say, "Sit." Lu Jianxin closed the door before her and said to the driver, "I'm not sitting."

"Don't say earlier even if you don't sit, isn't this delaying my business for nothing."

"WeChat QR code." Lu See-Shen's words were simple and concise.

The driver immediately handed it out, Lu Jian Shen directly swept a 100 yuan, and the driver immediately smiled when he heard the arrival reminder.

Before leaving, he also did not forget to persuade the fight: "Beauty, your husband is still good to you, do not be angry, husband and wife, there is no overnight hatred, the head of the bed quarrels and the end of the bed."

After saying that, the driver stepped on the gas and disappeared into the sea of cars.

Nan Xi looked at the disappearing car, angry.

She lowered her head and didn't look at Lu Jian Shen, kicking the stones on the ground with her toes, "You drove my car away, so how am I going to get back?"

After saying that, she felt a warmth in her hands.

In the next moment, her soft and white little hand was wrapped in Lu Jianxuan's hand.

"It's very windy, is it cold?"

"Not cold." Nanxi said.

Then she took off the jacket on her body as well and threw it directly to Lu Jianxuan.

"Angry?" He looked at her and asked with deep eyes.

Nanxi turned around, deliberately ignoring him.

Lu Jian Shen then followed her direction and turned around as well until he was face to face with her.

Of course Nanxi didn't forgive him that easily, so she fell silent and continued to ignore him.

Lu Jianxuan also saw this, he didn't force himself, but instead put his jacket back over Nanxi again.

Nan Xi reached out, and with her eyes about to throw the jacket down again, Lu Jian Shen pulled it back up and put it on, while speaking seriously, "It's windy, wear it obediently, don't catch a cold."

"Hands too, cold as ice and still saying it's not cold."

He continued to squeeze her hand in his hand, delicately warming it.

"Want you to care?"

Nanxi wanted to retract her hand, but Lu Jianxuan grasped her hand tightly, Nanxi tried several times and resisted to no avail, so she could only let him hold it.

At this time, Fang Qinglian pushed her wheelchair out.

When she saw Lu Jian Shen, she was crying again, and that look was simply too soft to be true.

"See Deep, are you going to leave me alone?"

"Mr. Lu." At this moment, Lin Xiao ran over with a gasp.

Lu Jian Shen looked at Fang Qinglian and ordered in a cold voice, "Send her to the hospital to have her wounds treated."

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

"No, I don't want him to send me." Fang Qinglian instinctively refused.

But Lin Xiao's speed was absolutely awesome, immediately pushing Fang Qinglian's wheelchair and darting towards the underground garage.

Only when they left did Lu Jian Shen look at Nan Xi and explain, "You're a medical student, you should know that the place she cut was an artery, and it would be dangerous if the blood kept flowing."

"That's why I bandaged her up."

"Oh!" Nan Xi faintly said.

It was true that she hadn't seriously looked at the location of the injury on Fang Qinglian's hand just now.

It would indeed be more dangerous if it was a cut artery.

"So does it make you feel a little better in your heart now and forgive me a little more?" Lu Jianxuan asked expectantly.


Nanxi answered decisively and dryly.

The wind outside, it was getting stronger and stronger.

The trees were blowing in all directions, the leaves were trembling madly, and the pedestrians' clothes were all lifted up by the gusts of wind, almost no longer serving to keep them warm.

Nanxi, however, felt that her palms were much warmer, and Lu Jianxuan's jacket was covered all the way up to her ankles, plus she was wearing long boots, so her whole body was wrapped up tightly.

Turning to look again, Lu Jianxuan only wore a casual top and a pair of gray pants, the tip of his nose was red from freezing, and his handsome face was so cold that it didn't have a trace of temperature.

Nan Xi in the end couldn't bear it and took the initiative to open her mouth, "Let's go back."


Lu Jianxuan immediately held her hand and naturally walked towards the underground garage.

When the driver saw Lu Jian Shen, he immediately came out of the car and took the initiative to open the door, "Mr. Lu."

"It's fine today, you go back first."


Nanxi looked at the driver's back as he left, then turned to look at Lu See-Shen: "Then how do we go back?"

Lu See-Shen opened the passenger door, then pushed Nanxi's petite and delicate body into it, and then sat in the main driver himself.

"Didn't you just say that I drove away your driver? Then, Miss Nanxi, are you still satisfied with this high-color driver of mine?"

"Where is it high-colorful? Shame on you."

As the words fell, Nanxi suddenly felt Lu Jianxuan lean over towards her.

His face, getting closer and closer to her.

The tip of his nose was almost touching the tip of her nose.

Nanxi braced her hands on the sides of the seat, nervously holding her breath, suddenly not even daring to move.

What was he going to do?

At this moment, Nan Xi was filled with this question.

With such a close distance and such an ambiguous position, Nan Xi couldn't help but think more.

Is it to kiss her.

Was it to kiss her or not.

Just as Lu Jian Shen's lips slid over the tip of Nan Xi's nose, she nervously closed her eyes directly.

The watery lips were pink, as if they were waiting to be picked.


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