Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 47 - Separating from Fang Qinglian

Although, she wanted to guard the marriage and their home because of her grandfather's dying wish.

But since she has decided to maintain this marriage, she certainly does not want it to be just an empty shell.

She can tolerate that he maintains the marriage because of her grandfather, and she can accept that he doesn't love her, but she can't accept that he doesn't love her during their marriage.

She had no way to accept that Lu Jian Shen was still dating Fang Qinglian during their marriage.

If that was the case, then what was she considered?

Not long after Lu Jian Shen left, Nan Xi received a call from Lin Nianchu.

"Xixi, have coffee at the usual place, I'm back."

"Really back? Didn't you say you won't finish filming until next month?" Nan Xi was quite surprised.

"Originally it was, but the male lead got injured while hanging his weiya, so I guess it'll take a while before we can continue filming."

Lin Nianchu was the most popular first-tier star at the moment, and also Nan Xi's best friend.

When she came back, of course Nan Xi was happy.

After packing up a bit, Nan Xi immediately set off to the cafe that the two of them used to go to.

Speaking of which, that cafe was still very close to Lu Jian Shen's company.

It was opened in the busiest place in the entire city, with an inch of land, but it had to be said that it covered a wide area, was lavishly decorated, and had enough grandeur.

Most importantly, the hand-ground coffee inside is first-class, Nanxi and Lin Nianchu both like the flavor of that house.

Because of Lin Nianchu's identity, Nan Xi deliberately picked a more secluded place.

She arrived first and ordered a cup of Nianchu's favorite cappuccino.

Then asked for a cup of plain water for herself.

After not seeing her for half a year, when she saw Lin Nianchu, Nan Xi was almost a bit unrecognizable: "Niannian, I'm not mistaken!"

Lin Nianchu knew that she was talking about her tan, and said rather heartbreakingly, "Goodness gracious, is it really that obvious?"

"Uh-huh." Nan Xi took a sip of water and nodded her head vigorously, "It's so obvious that it can't be more obvious."

"It's a waste that I put on so much sunscreen and bb cream every day, poor my delicate skin, it's still tanned, but the sun over there is just too poisonous, I run outside every day, it's weird if I don't get tanned."

"It's okay." Nan Xi hurriedly smiled and comforted, "Even if you get tanned, our Nian Nian is still the most beautiful actress, looking at the entire entertainment circle, killing everything."

"Haha, although it's too exaggerated, but I just love the rainbow farts you blow."

Saying that, the two of them laughed into a ball.

Lin Nianchu took a sip of coffee, and only then did she realize that what Nan Xi was drinking wasn't even coffee, but plain water.

"What's the situation, Xixi, you're not having one, are you?" Lin Nianchu guessed in surprise.

"Well, there is." Nan Xi nodded faintly.

She answered dryly.

Since Nian Nian asked, she didn't think of hiding it from her.

This time, it was Lin Nianchu who was completely stunned.

It was a long, long time before she came to her senses and looked at Nan Xi incredulously, "Xixi, you didn't lie to me, you really have a baby?"

"Does it look like I'm lying to you? Even my favorite coffee I quit."

Nanxi lowered her head and looked at the white water in front of her.

Now, Lin Nianchu was certain that Nanxi was really pregnant.

Immediately after, she started cursing, "Lu Jian Shen, this scum, son of a bitch, knows you're pregnant and still wants to divorce you."

"How do you know we're getting a divorce?" Nanxi was surprised.

"Of course I know, there is no airtight wall in this world."

After thinking for a moment, Nan Xi realized, "Huo Si Yan told you, right?"

Just as the words fell, she heard Lin Nianchu speak excitedly, "What a good day, saying that the scumbag came."


"Lu See Shen." Lin Nianchu said through clenched teeth.

Nanxi hadn't reacted until Fang Qinglian's familiar "see deep" rang out.

As soon as she turned around, she immediately saw Lu Jian Shen and Fang Qinglian.

Fang Qinglian wore a long white dress, her smile was gentle, brilliant and bright, just like a sensible and elegant beauty.

She ordered coffee, took a cup for herself and handed a cup to Lu Jian Shen.

Lu Jian Shen took the cup and pushed Fang Qinglian to another place by the corner.

"See deep, I'm so happy that you can ask me out today, I know about grandpa, I'm sorry for your loss, the fact that you can ask me out means that you've already thought about it right?" Fang Qinglian smiled with a gentle and harmless face.

Lu Jian Shen tilted his head and drank a large mouthful of coffee, the usually mellow and rich coffee looked extra bitter in his mouth today.

Lin Nianchu looked at all this and was somewhat unable to hold back, getting up and wanting to rush over.

Nan Xi pulled her hand.

"Xixi, they've dared to openly date in front of you, let's see if I don't teach this pair of dogs a good lesson." Lin Nianchu snaps.

"Don't go yet, they might be here to break up today." Nan Xi explained.

"Break up? What's the situation?"

"Grandpa's departure hit Jian Shen hard, we've already decided not to divorce and to run the marriage well."

Lin Nianchu immediately held Nan Xi's hand and asked with concern, "Xi Xi, have you thought it over, have you really decided to hold on to this marriage with a man who doesn't love you?"

Tears filled her eyes.

Nan Xi tilted her head and blinked hard.

Then she took a deep breath and looked at Lin Nianchu: "Well, I've decided that I want to try again."

"What we agreed on in the first place was three years, and there's still one last year left, I want to give it another chance."

"If after a year, he still doesn't have any feelings for me, no matter how much it hurts, I will cut it off."

Lin Nianchu looked at her, heartbroken.

Half a day, he only spat out a sentence, "Silly girl, is he worth it?"

"Probably not worth it, but even if it's a death wish, I still want to give myself a thorough reason, and"

Nan Xi's hand fell on her belly, her gaze became gentle, "We still have a baby, I want to give the baby a chance to have a complete family."

Looking at Nan Xi's eyes, Lin Nianchu understood everything.

She didn't persuade on.

Because in many ways, they are the same.

Knowing full well that it's not worth it, knowing full well that it's like a moth to a flame.

But until they hit the south wall, until they get bloodied, they will never turn back.

Over there, Fang Qinglian had been drinking coffee with Lu Jianxuan.

In less than three minutes, the cup of coffee in his hand was already finished.

Finally unable to hold back, she took the initiative to open her mouth, "See Deep, do you have something important to say when you ask me out today."

The old man had left, and it was time for him and Nan Xi to finalize their divorce.

Today, when See Deep looked for her out, it must be a marriage proposal.

He must be on edge right now, very, very nervous, which is why he drank a whole cup of coffee at once.

Fang Qinglian understood it this way as a matter of course.

Until Lu Jian Shen spoke, "It's a very important thing to tell you in person."

"Well, you say it." Fang Qinglian looked at him, her eyes filled with anticipation and excitement.

"Qinglian, let's separate and find a good man to marry."

"What?" Fang Qinglian raised her head incredulously, her entire body completely frozen, "See Deep, what the hell are you saying? I can't understand."


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