Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 45: Go home, I want to hold you in my arms and sleep.

A day later, it was Grandpa's funeral.

The funeral hall was heavy and depressing, with many people coming to pay their respects.

Nanxi knelt in front of the funeral hall and just looked at her grandfather's picture quietly like that.

Grandpa said that he didn't want her to cry.

She also has been obedient, really did not cry.

On the day of the funeral, it rained heavily.

The rain was pouring down.

Nanxi was wearing a black dress with a white flower on her chest, she held a black umbrella and stood in the crowd.

Through the huge curtain of rain, she seemed to see her grandfather smiling at her.

He said, "Xixi, don't cry, grandpa likes to see you smile, our Xixi is the most beautiful when she smiles."

So, Nanxi kept holding on strongly.

It wasn't until all the guests had left that she threw down her umbrella, staggered to the old master's tombstone, and flung herself down on her knees.

"Grandpa, I was good, I did listen to you, I didn't cry."

"I really didn't cry."

Tears, like a faucet, flowed downwards.

Nan Xi was suddenly incredibly thankful for the heavy rain, because with the rain washing over her, no one could see her crying.

However, how could she not be sad.

How could she not be sad?

Lu Jian Shen had been kneeling in front of his grandfather's tombstone, his whole body was drenched in the rain, but he was still kneeling straight.

No matter who came to pull him, it had no effect.

He knelt, his steely eyes kept looking at the picture of his grandfather.

Nanxi knew that he was blaming himself, atoning for his sins.

He felt that he was the one who had angered Grandpa, and if it wasn't for him, perhaps Grandpa would have been able to stay with them for a while longer.

"See deep," Nan Xi walked up to pull him.

But Lu Jian Shen remained firm on his knees, not budging in the slightest.

"I'll have Lin Night send you back, you haven't slept for the past few days, go back and get some rest, grandpa definitely wants you to be well."

"You haven't slept either, you need to rest." Nan Xi looked at her heartily.

The heavy rain washed over the two people, they were all wet.

The rain ran down their hair and faces like crazy.

"See deep, grandpa doesn't want you to be like this either, get up, let's go home."

Nan Xi reached out to pull him.

Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan reached out and held Nanxi in his arms.

The next moment, Nanxi heard him crying, and he buried his head in the crook of her neck, crying out in grief.

Although he had been trying his best to restrain himself, Nan Xi still felt the violent trembling of his entire body.

Nan Xi reached out and tenderly cradled his head in her arms.

She had always thought that she was the one who was the most upset by her grandfather's death.

But it wasn't until this moment that she realized that she was wrong.

See Deep was the one who was the saddest.

He had been taught by his grandfather since he was a child, and had followed him to learn how to be a man and do business just as soon as he understood.

It could be said that all of his skills were imparted by his grandfather.

All the stages of his life, it was his grandfather who accompanied him.

But now, Grandpa left him behind and abruptly left his world.

"I'm the sinner, aren't I. I'm the one who got Grandpa killed."

"If I hadn't insisted on a divorce and angered him, he wouldn't have left."

Lu Jian Shen murmured sadly, his eyes were red, they were covered with reddish blood color, where was he still in his previous graceful, elegant and handsome appearance.

Nan Xi looked at him and became more and more distressed.

She reached out and hugged him tighter, softly comforting, "Grandpa loves you so much, he won't blame you."

"Grandpa said that he didn't leave, he just went down there to accompany grandma."

"Really?" He raised his head, his dark eyes looking at her like a helpless child.

Nan Xi nodded, "Yes, that's what grandpa told me himself."

"The wind is so strong, I'm so cold, See Deep, let's go home, okay?"

Nan Xi had just finished speaking, and before she waited for an answer, she suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from her belly.

That pulling sensation and pain, she knew it too well.

Thinking of the baby, a bad premonition instantly flashed through her heart.

"What's wrong?" Lu Jian Shen keenly captured her abnormality.

"See deep, I," she tilted her head and looked at him nervously, "My stomach hurts."

Lu Jian Shen bent down and took her into his arms as he took a big step forward, "Don't be afraid, we'll go home right away."

"Good." The corner of Nanxi's mouth revealed a pleased smile, nodding her head with difficulty.

But her stomach, it was really getting more and more painful.

Arriving at the car.

Lu Jianxuan instructed Lin Xiao to set the temperature of the car to the maximum.

The warm air instantly from surrounded the entire car, and the heat flow was slowly transported.

But even so, Nan Xi still frowned, feeling the pain in her belly.

She wasn't afraid of pain.

But she was afraid that something would happen to the baby.

She was afraid.

So afraid so afraid.

"See deep, I want to go to the hospital, will you take me to the hospital, as fast as you can."

"Good, not afraid, with me here, I will definitely not let anything happen to you."

The words fell, Lu Jian Shen held her whole person in his arms, gently coaxing, "You first close your eyes and sleep, wait until the hospital I will call you."


The next moment, she felt a warmth on her belly.

Looking down, Lu Jian Shen's hand was covering her belly, warming her.

A slight smile appeared on Nanxi's miserable face, and with a smile on her face, she gently closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

Perhaps she was too tired, just after closing her eyes, she fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes, she was already in the hospital.

"Awake?" Lu Jian Shen put her on the hospital bed, then brought a pillow for her to lean on.

As soon as Nanxi lowered her head, she saw the cotton pajamas on her and immediately raised her head to look at him.

Lu Jian Shen answered directly, "Your clothes are all wet, easy to get sick, I changed them for you."

"You you," Nan Xi looked at him, half a day before she could squeeze out a sentence, "How can you change my clothes?"

"As your husband, the right to change a set of clothes for your own wife, I think I still possess it." Lu Jian Shen said calmly.


What a gentle, intimate title.

If she remembered correctly, this was the first time he had said this since the two had gotten married.

"How's the stomach? Does it still hurt? Does it feel better?"

"It's better, but it still hurts a little." Nanxi said.

"Good, wait, I'll go call the doctor."

Thinking of the pregnancy, Nanxi immediately said, "Still looking for that doctor from last time."

"That doctor might not always be available." Lu Jianxuan said.

"It's fine." Nanxi smiled and said, "It's already much better, that doctor knows more about my situation, and I like her, so I want her to show me."


Luck was in his favor this time, the doctor happened to be in the office when Lu Jian Shen went over.

Upon arriving at the room and seeing Nan Xi, she recognized it immediately.

The doctor reacted quickly and immediately looked at Lu Jianshuen: "The family members should recuse themselves."

After the examination, the doctor looked at Nan Xi: "Some signs of miscarriage, fortunately the bleeding has stopped, in these few days you should take the birth control medicine on time, if there is no bleeding it's fine, once there is bleeding, immediately come to the hospital and find me."

"Okay, thank you doctor."

After the doctor left, Lu Jian Shen walked in, "What did the doctor say?"

"A little medicine was prescribed, it shouldn't be a big deal." Nanxi said.

"Good, then I'll have Lin Night send you back."

Lu Jian Shen stepped towards the door, ready to go and call out to Lin Xiao.

Nan Xi immediately got off the bed and hugged him from behind, "See deep, don't go."

Lu Jian Shen's tall stance immediately froze and asked incredulously, "Nanxi, you?"

"I know, you want to go to grandpa's cemetery again to atone for your sins, don't go, grandpa must not want you to be like that, send me back, okay?"

"I haven't slept for a few days, I'm so sleepy, I can't sleep without you holding me."


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