Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 43 - Okay, we're not getting a divorce.

It was obviously to comfort him, but she couldn't even comfort herself.

Tears, all of them dripped onto Lu Jian Shen's clothes.

Perhaps there were too many tears, and they soon soaked the bandages and stained his wounds.

The wound on Lu Jian Shen's back soon turned red, and blood seeped out through his white shirt.

However, no one had time to care.

I don't remember how long I waited, until the lights in the emergency room went out and the doctor came out.

Everyone quickly ran forward.

Lu Jishen was the first to open his mouth: "Doctor, how is my grandfather?"

He had always been calm and self-contained, but at the moment, his voice was trembling.

Nanxi reddened her eyes, almost not daring to listen to the answer given by the doctor.

However, the cruelest moment still came.

The doctor removed his mask, looked at them with a heavy face, and finally opened his mouth, "I'm sorry Mr. Lu, we did our best, say goodbye to the old man!"

Nan Xi stumbled, she could no longer hold back and bawled out her voice.

How could this happen?

Why is this happening?

Grandpa was fine in the morning, it's only been a few hours, why has everything changed?

She didn't believe it, she didn't want to believe it.

In the hospital bed, all was quiet.

The old man was wearing a ventilator, lying on the hospital bed with his eyes closed.

Everyone stood by the hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up.

However, before the old master woke up, he waited for an unexpected guest.

The woman wore heavy makeup, big red lipstick, a long, thin manicure, high heels, and a big red dress.

Although she had never seen her before, Nan Xi probably guessed her identity.

It was probably the woman her father-in-law had outside.

"Why are you here?" Lu Mingbo ran over, his face full of anger.

The woman spoke sadly, "I heard that Dad is hospitalized and his life is at stake, as a daughter-in-law, of course I came to take a look."

The naked words "daughter-in-law" in her mouth completely disregarded Yun Shu.

"Get the hell back immediately, I don't want to see you again." Lu Mingbo also looked impatient.

The woman was just about to open her mouth when suddenly, Lu Mingshen walked over.

Looking at the bodyguards around him, he said in an icy voice, "Drag this woman out of here, find a place to lock her up, and no one is allowed to let her out without my orders."

Saying that, he purposely looked at Lu Mingbo.

Lu Mingbo did not object, and thought that he had agreed.

The woman was of course dissatisfied, and just as she was about to resist, she was already dragged out by the bodyguard covering her lips.

Just as she went out, Elder Lu slightly opened his eyes and woke up.

Seeing him wake up, several people surrounded him.

Nanxi and Yun Shu each grabbed one of the old man's hands, their faces full of tenderness.



The two spoke at the same time.

The old master first looked at the several people surrounding him, and then at the ceiling above his head.

Then he released, like he understood everything.

"Grandpa, are you thirsty? Do you want some water?" Nan Xi was the first to ask.

The old man nodded, "Yes."

Nan Xi immediately went and poured a cup of warm water and brought it to the bed, then fed it to the old master bit by bit with a straw.

After drinking the water, the old master looked at them seriously, his voice calmly said, "Don't be sad, when people get old, they will always come to this point, grandpa ah, has already prepared himself mentally, so he's not afraid at all."

"See deep, you take Xixi out first, grandpa has some things he wants to say to your parents."


Although she was unwilling to let go, Nan Xi still left the ward first with Lu Jian Shen.

However, just outside the ward.

She saw the person she least expected to see.

Fang Qinglian was pushing a wheelchair and rushed over in a hurry.

When she saw Lu Jian Shen, a layer of sweat was rushing over her head, looking nervous.

"See deep, how is grandpa? As soon as I found out the news, I immediately rushed over."

"How did you know?" Nan Xi's sharp eyes swept towards her and finally landed on Lu Jian Shen.

Fang Qinglian knew that she misunderstood, and hurriedly explained, "Nanxi, don't misunderstand, it wasn't See Deep who told me, it was a friend of mine who is in this hospital, she told me."

"Is that so?" Nanxi's eyes were still sharp.

"Do you think that I'm that uninhibited?" Lu Jianxuan asked rhetorically.

Only then did Nanxi believe it.

But then, she looked at Fang Qinglian, "I don't care how you know, and I don't care if you're genuinely here to see grandpa, or if you're just being disingenuous, Fang Qinglian, listen to me clearly, and now push your wheelchair immediately and leave for me."

"Nanxi." Fang Qinglian bites her lip and looks at her softly, "I have good intentions, I know grandpa doesn't like me, but I've never blamed grandpa, is it wrong for me to want to come to see him?"

"Knowing that grandpa doesn't like you, you still have the cheek to come, Fang Qinglian, what kind of heart are you resting on?" Nan Xi suddenly roared out.

She had always refrained from getting angry.

The feeling she gave people was basically a peaceful, quiet, and soft image.

This time when she went berserk, she really shocked Fang Qinglian.

See Nanxi here can not be overcome, Fang Qinglian looked to Lu Jianxuan: "See deep, please, do not drive me away, grandpa is seriously ill, I want to send him the last ride, I promise I will not "give you trouble.

Before Fang Qinglian finished her sentence, suddenly, Nanxi slapped her on the face.

Her head was blank, Fang Qinglian just raised her head, the whole person has not yet reacted.

Suddenly, another slap landed hard on the other side of her face.

Fang Qinglian's face was instantly two clear slap marks that were obvious.

"Fang Qinglian, what kind of heart are you resting on? Who said that this is the last ride, do you believe that I will tear your mouth apart."

"I'm telling you, get lost right now."

"If you don't get out, I'll directly have someone throw you out."

Nan Xi was really fuming.

Fang Qinglian had never seen such a Nan Xi.

Not only her, Lu Jianxuan had never seen it either.

He knew that she was nervous about her grandfather and cared about him, but he hadn't expected that Nanxi's care for her grandfather had been so deep.

Normally, no matter how angry she was, she never lost control like this.

But today, she was like a ferocious tiger, stretching out her sharpest claws and opening her bloody mouth without leaving the slightest bit of room for maneuver.

"See deep," Fang Qinglian's voice trembled, looking her last hope toward Lu See deep.

"Scram." Nan Xi growled.

Lu See-Shen didn't open his mouth.

Fang Qinglian slid her wheelchair in Nan Xi's angry eyes and left in a mess.

In the hospital room, Elder Lu smiled happily, "The girl finally snapped once, or for me, I'm really happy from the bottom of my heart."

"After I left, the one who was most worried was the girl, you guys have to swear to take good care of her no matter what happens in the future."

"There's also the matter of divorce, I think they haven't finished the formalities today, you guys still have to retain it, my old man just hopes that my grandson and grandson-in-law can grow old together and walk hand in hand through this life."

"Alright, go and call See Deep in." The old man commanded.

"Dad." Lu Mingbo and Yun Shu shouted at the same time with reluctance.

"Don't worry, I won't close my eyes until the matter is explained."

Soon, Lu Jian Shen came to the hospital bed.

His eyes were bloodshot and moist.

He reached out and tightly held the old man's hand in his hand, gathering great courage before opening his mouth, "Grandpa, I'm here."

"Then I don't have any more nonsense, to you, grandpa only has one wish, can you promise grandpa?"

"Grandpa you say."

"After grandpa left, the most relieved is the girl, so don't divorce her, you have to take good care of her, care for her, love her, see deep, can you do it?"


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