Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 60

Hearing this February, Su Ming vaguely remembered that there seemed to be some activities in Dahu Town, Fengbo, to test his eyesight. As far as eyesight is concerned, who can compare with him, why not stay here until the New Year, and then go to Dahu Town Over there, relying on one's own eyesight, earn a lot of money and come back.

But there is so much chaos there that there is no police or government. If you go, you have to take this guy with you. Li Ruolin is holding his nephew on his head and spinning around, making Xiao Huer cluck happily. With Su Ming here Here, his sister-in-law dared to bring the children here to play occasionally.

How do you think about taking him out? After being in touch for a long time, Su Ming also knows that this guy is not willing to live such an ordinary life, but he is not willing to let him be a bodyguard. He would rather hide at home than go out with Su Ming. I feel that Su Ming has no ability, and there is no future or place where he can use his talents.

Now I want to let him see how extraordinary Su Ming is, and knowing that life with Su Ming is absolutely colorful, he will naturally be tempted to follow Su Ming. Su Ming does not want others to know the weirdness of this car, so he has to take My own special function came out.

It happened to be Chinese New Year soon, and many people who were outside returned home. Among them were two friends of Li Ruolin, who often came to play with Li Ruolin. Seeing that the students did not look like students, and the soldiers did not look like soldiers, Su Ming was very puzzled. Ming's identity was covered by Li Ruolin, so they didn't doubt it too much. Now the three of them were going to play cards, so they asked Li Ruolin to call Su Ming.

Su Ming shook his head and refused, but if you refuse, just refuse, just pretending to look down on this activity, Li Ruolin got angry and asked Su Ming why he didn't play with them, and whether he looked down on them.

"It's not that I look down on you. The key is that I won't lose at all in this game. What's the point of me playing with you?"

"I won't lose, what do you mean, the technique is very good? Can you compare with my old mountain gambling master?" Li Ruolin showed his tired look again, not like a soldier at all.

"Come, come, you can draw this card casually, and I can tell you what number you get." Su Ming shuffled the card a few times and handed it to Li Ruolin.

"Cut, I've played this little trick a long time ago, dare you ask me to wash it for you again?" Li Ruolin looked at Su Ming provocatively.

"You do whatever you want." Su Ming didn't care at all, and he didn't rely on tricks and memorizing cards, so he didn't care how he shuffled them.

Li Ruolin quickly washed a few, and then took out one at random, Su Ming said what it was, tried more than a dozen in a row, without a single mistake, now it was Li Ruolin's turn to figure it out.

"This poker is not magic poker, how can you recognize it?" Li Ruolin really couldn't figure it out, so he asked Su Ming.

"I'll tell you later, it's not the time yet." Su Ming pretended to be profound.

"Don't mind, you tell me now, otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight, and if I can't sleep, I will still harass you, you should tell me."

"Wait until there is no one else, not now." Su Ming told him quietly, with a serious look, Li Ruolin gave up the entanglement, and quickly coaxed the two friends away, and then insisted on Su Ming telling him How did it work.

"I said I have supernatural powers, do you believe me?"

Faced with Su Ming's question, Li Ruolin shook his head desperately, and could not turn his head 180 degrees. It was obvious that he would never believe it.

"My name is supernatural powers. If you don't believe me, we can try again." Su Ming performed some sniffing words for him again, and Li Ruolin patted his head desperately, as if to prove that everything that happened just now was an illusion .

Su Ming led him into the car again, and let him experience driving with his mind. Li Ruolin saw Su Ming sitting there with his eyes closed, and the car was driving very freely, as if someone was manipulating it. Li Ruolin also opened his mouth wide in shock from such a strange scene.

"Now you know that there are indeed supernatural powers in this world, don't you?" After driving for a while, Su Ming turned his head and asked him. The car was still driving smoothly. Li Ruolin nodded like a chicken nagging rice. What should I say.

"My ability has not been fully developed, so I need you to protect my safety now, and at the same time, I need to develop my career. I also need someone to take care of many places that are inconvenient for me. I think you are very I'm suitable for this role, let's not talk about the salary, this time you just need to come with me, and I will give you 50,000 yuan as a settling allowance first, what do you think?"

"Fifty thousand!" Li Ruolin yelled in surprise. The blood of the dead comrade-in-arms was only more than 1,000 to 2,000. If he asked for 20,000 for the previous murder, it would have belonged to the lion. It was even more generous than imagined, and the opening was a settling allowance of 50,000 yuan, which was enough for a platoon's pension.

"Did you really give fifty thousand?" Li Ruolin asked in disbelief. Su Ming took out five stacks from his storage box and handed them to him. After opening and closing, Li Ruolin saw that it was full of stacks. Full of money.

"You're like this, aren't you afraid of losing it?" Li Ruolin pointed to the money inside.

"Then you said that I came out with so much money and put it there safely, otherwise I would not have come to you." Seeing Li Ruolin's big hand tightly grasping the 50,000 yuan, Su Ming understood a truth , Everyone has a price, the key lies in how high the price is.

People like Li Ruolin are unwilling to go out with Su Ming no matter what. Su Ming has been here for several months to no avail, but with 50,000 yuan spent, there is no excuse. It seems that persuasion is powerless. It must be done with real money.

After taking 50,000 yuan, when Li Ruolin faced Su Ming again, he couldn't help but feel like a subordinate. This is determined by the strength of both parties. Wealth also represents a kind of strength. undeniable.

Su Ming accompanied them to spend a Spring Festival in this small village. As soon as the Spring Festival was over, Su Ming urged Li Ruolin to leave. Although Li Ruolin was reluctant in every possible way, he had no choice but to accept the money from others. I had to listen to others, bid farewell to my beautiful sister-in-law, hugged my lovely nephew, and followed Su Ming on the road.

Along the way, Su Ming asked Li Ruolin to sit in the driver's seat, and he steered beside him. When he fell into a coma, Li Ruolin continued to drive, and explained to Li Ruolin that this was a method of cultivation. Li Ruolin There is no doubt at all.

The two rushed for several days before arriving in Huaxiu Province. Su Ming did not go directly to Fengbo, but first came to Huazhou City, the capital of Huaxiu Province, to see what is lively and prosperous.


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