Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 59

"Oh, I have no choice but to come here." Su Ming recounted what happened. He just talked about how he had a successful career. He accidentally bought a car. When the other party saw that his business was good, he was ruthless. I had no choice but to run away. I was too tired after running for a few days, so I slept in the car, and almost got into trouble again.

The other party touched his stubble-covered scalp, and was obviously moved by Su Ming's reasonable story. After thinking about it, he asked, "Then you are going to give up your own property like this, what a pity."

He was not reconciled to Su Ming, Su Ming smiled wryly: "The power is not as good as others, what can be done."

"Why don't I kill him for you, all you need to do is give me 20,000 yuan." The other party's gleaming eyes shot around, and suddenly he leaned into Su Ming's ear and said.

"Ah? Aren't you a soldier?" Su Ming exclaimed in surprise.

"Soldiers can't do bad things. Besides, I'm a chivalrous man." The other party didn't think so.

"Have you ever killed someone?" Su Ming asked cautiously, don't tell lies to cheat money.

"Human lives with more than two digits, what do you think?" The other party gave Su Ming a cold look, and the bone-chilling chill immediately made Su Ming believe what he said. With such a murderous look, it is true that few lives are at the bottom. Can't get out.

"How can you kill so many people? Isn't there no war now?" Su Ming asked curiously. The Sino-Vietnamese War has been stopped for several years. It seems that this guy is not too old. Bar.

"Military secrets are strictly forbidden to be leaked." That's what he said, but the embarrassment on his face revealed that this was not the reason at all. It was only later that Su Ming found out that this guy was kicked out by the army, so he had to say it clearly.

"We've been discussing for so long, but we still don't know your name? Besides, aren't you going to carry water, don't you?

"My name is Li Ruolin. I have 20,000 yuan to take it. Why do you still have to pay for it?" The other party was really straightforward, threw the bucket, and sat with Su Ming under the willow shade by the pond, and the two began to talk.

After chatting, I learned that Li Ruolin's parents died early, and his only brother fell into the river and drowned because of epileptic seizures, leaving behind two orphans and widows. However, she didn't want others to ask her sister-in-law to remarry, so Li Ruolin also took advantage of the noon time when no one was around to water her vegetable fields with water.

That's why I want to earn 20,000 yuan. Anyway, I am alone, take a little risk to earn this large sum of money, and then I can do whatever I want, and no one can catch him anyway.

Su Ming asked, and found that this guy is not good at grasping and fighting, long and short firearms, intelligence and reconnaissance, ambushes and sneak attacks, he is also proficient in life skills such as making fire, cooking, driving and swimming, and survival in the wild.

If such a monster appears, this guy doesn't know what kind of person he is. If he is not a white-eyed wolf, he can consider receiving his subordinates. Su Ming's biggest reliance now is this guy who used to be a motorcycle and is now a car. If you leave, your own ability is not enough to deal with others. It's not bad to find such a bodyguard and thug.

"I don't need to kill people. I don't want to be an instigator. I want to hire you as a bodyguard. What do you think?" Since the other party lacks money and Su Ming has plenty of money, what else is there to say? Su Ming asked directly.

"How much money does a bodyguard earn in a month? It's too restrictive." Li Ruolin rejected Su Ming's request without hesitation.

"Then how much do you pay for it?" Su Ming fell in love with his ability, and he wanted to recruit him under his help. As his money increased, he couldn't do without protection, and there were many things You can't all go out on your own.

No matter what Su Ming said, Li Ruolin was unwilling, and Su Ming was not in a hurry. Since he was running away, running was not running. This place had nothing to do with him, and no one knew that he still had a car, so what's the point? I'm afraid, it's better to stay here and recuperate for a while.

Su Ming thought that if he wanted to improve his mental strength as soon as possible, he had to use the method just now, but he still walked around aimlessly like before, and could not guarantee safety. This time, he wanted to push himself into the water and be forced Please, but next time, someone may use other methods.

It's better to fix a place and go around in a circle around this point, and you can find out where your limit is, and then keep improving. Su Ming asked Li Ruolin if there is any place to live here, and he wanted to hide here for a while.

Li Ruolin laughed loudly after hearing this: "It's not a problem for you to live in dozens of my house, even your car, you can park a few cars in the yard, but let's make an agreement in advance that you can live in it, but you have to count the money. Others say you are my comrade-in-arms, but your image doesn’t look too good, forget it, just say you are an auto soldier.”

Su Ming stayed here, persuading Li Ruolin to follow him, while exercising his mental strength, and getting familiar with the handling of this car. At the same time, in his free time, he followed Li Ruolin to practice a few skills in controlling enemies and killing people.

Li Ruolin didn't hide his secrets here. During the period, Su Ming also met Li Ruolin's sister-in-law and nephew. They really looked outstanding, delicate and charming. No wonder there were rumors. Such a woman in such a small mountain village is definitely a Disaster level.

His sister-in-law is only twenty-one years old, and his son is already two years old. He has a thick head and a thick head, and is very attractive. He likes riding a car the most. He often drags his mother to Li Ruolin's house. When he sees a car, he will get into it. I don't know, but there was a big bump on my head when I touched it.

In the blink of an eye, autumn has passed and winter has come. Su Ming has been here for four months. Su Ming took the time to contact Liang Cai. Liang Cai told Su Ming that both Lan Tianyun and Chen Minglu had contacted him. After talking about the situation, it is basically safe.

Hong Anzhong was named a martyr, and the memorial service has already been held in a low-key manner. The reason why there is no publicity is that both parties to the death are insiders of the police, and it is unclear who discovered the drug trafficking, or whether it was caused by internal strife due to uneven distribution of spoils. , because Wang Fo and Zhang Xiaokai are both Hong Anzhong's confidantes, they quietly rated Hong Anzhong as a martyr, and this matter is over.

Then, can I go back by myself? The Chinese New Year is coming soon. Su Ming hasn’t been at home to celebrate the Chinese New Year for a year, but Lan Tianyun said that there are still people in the Public Security Bureau who are tracking down Su Ming’s whereabouts. After all, the person who arrested Su Ming at the time At that time, many people participated, and Hong Anzhong, who was interrogating him, died tragically. Some people suspected that it was related to Su Ming.

It's better not to go back. Lan Tianyun is currently deploying the leadership team of the Public Security Bureau. After the current people are transferred to other positions, I believe no one will take care of them anymore. However, large-scale transfers will have to wait at least until the past. A year later, it will be around the end of February.


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