Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 58

Could it be that this motorcycle is really going to be turned into a car? Su Ming checked every once in a while, and found that there was indeed such a sign. After only two days, the motorcycle disappeared into the trunk, as if it had never been put in it.

But Su Ming didn't feel any abnormality in this car. It was still the same as before. The only difference was that there was a motorcycle missing at the back, so there was no such sense of pressure. The balance of the car was really good. The items placed in the back are slightly heavier, and you can feel it in the front.

Until one night when Su Ming was sitting in the car practicing, the voice suddenly sounded in his mind again: "I found a B-level adaptive body, requesting to colonize it, please increase energy supply and maintain mental strength."

No buttons appeared, so Su Ming had no choice but to answer, and then saw the lights inside and outside the car start to flicker, and the numbers and pointers on the instrument panel were constantly changing.

"Drip, the energy is insufficient, the body modification is temporarily stopped, please replenish energy, request to replenish energy..." Even if Su Ming poured all the two big oil cans into it, the energy is still not enough to complete the modification, but a message appeared on the center console of the car. button, when Su Ming moved his eyes there, the voice automatically reminded: "Thinking switch is turned on, after turning on, thinking operation can be carried out."

Su Ming pressed it curiously, and there was an immediate reaction: "Thinking operation starts, energy scan is performed, there is a liquid hydrogen-oxygen energy body fifteen meters in front of the left, please control the body to take it."

Liquid hydrogen and oxygen energy body? What kind of thing is it? Su Ming controlled it and went there to have a look. Day, a big pond, the water is just water, and the liquid hydrogen and oxygen energy body, the whole is quite mysterious, Su Ming got off the car and poured it into In the car, it didn't really work. Su Ming turned into a water carrier and poured dozens of pots into the car to meet its requirements.

To be on the safe side, Su Ming poured a few more pots, then filled the two pots, and then moved forward. Now he can rest assured. He has been worried that there will be no oil on the road. Su Ming dare not take the small road at all. Now he can not worried.

After driving for a while, Su Ming felt that something was wrong. Turning directions by himself didn't seem to work at all. As long as he thought of how to go, the car would go by itself.

Ha, this is relatively labor-saving, just sit there and think about it, without even moving your hands, Su Ming just used his consciousness to direct the car to go for dozens of kilometers, suddenly there was a buzzing sound in his head, and his head seemed to be sucked out It's the same, the whole person feels empty.

I don't know how long it took before Su Ming woke up dizzy. It was already pitch black outside. In the dead of night, apart from the chirping of insects, only the faint blue light was emitted from the instrument panel, which gave people a very mysterious feeling.

Su Ming soon discovered that his own mental strength seemed to have increased a lot, and he could control it more easily, but he still couldn't hold on for too long, and would faint again.

This is a better exercise method, much better than practice. Su Ming fell in love with this method, but after walking too much at night, he finally encountered a ghost. This time Su Ming felt the car shaking as soon as he woke up. I looked outside and found that there were three people behind the car pushing the car forward, and there was a big pond in front of the car.

This is planning to drown me. Before Su Ming could do it, he heard someone shouting outside: "Hey, what are you guys doing, stop quickly, or I will be rude."

A sturdy young man came from one side, wearing a grass-green vest, and rushed over with a water pole in his hand. In the blink of an eye, Su Ming could still see clearly that the three of them had already been beaten to pieces by him and fled. .

Hey, this guy is so powerful. When Su Ming got out of the car, this guy had already hung up the bucket and was walking towards this side. When he saw Su Ming, he just nodded and winked his eyes, a little help The benefactor has no awareness.

"Ah, BMW." Before Su Ming could speak, the guy saw the logo on the front of the car and screamed loudly.

"This is not a BMW. There is a horse drawn on the BMW." Su Ming told the other party patiently, but Su Ming didn't know what kind of car this car was. He had only heard of Ferrari and Rolls Royce. This brand of car is very expensive and luxurious, it can't be these two.

"Silly man, that's a Ferrari. No, there isn't one in China. Did you see it there?" The other party asked Su Ming suspiciously, but Su Ming didn't know what to say.

"It's not quite like a horse, the kind that stretches its teeth and claws." Su Ming also made a gesture of stretching his hands.

"Idiot, that's a French Peugeot, with a lion painted on it, you're called a BMW, the one with a horse on it is called a Ferrari, the one with a pony in the middle is called a Porsche, that's why there's no horse on the BMW."

Su Ming blushed while speaking, he was really ignorant, he didn’t even know that there were no horses in the BMW car, and then the other party gave Su Ming a BMW brand education course, and Su Ming realized that BMW was just a homonym, and his name The full name is Bavaria Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., abbreviated as BMW, so Hong Kong and Taiwan are called BMW. The blue and white logo on it is the state emblem of Bavaria, and it also represents that BMW's main business is aircraft engines. .

"This car is also called don't touch me, brother, what are you doing, so careless, you fell asleep in the car? I didn't save you, you let someone push you into the water." The other party said don't touch me , while gently stroking the car body with his hands, seeing his thick and calloused hands touching it, Su Ming felt a little distressed.

"I fell asleep, I didn't pay attention, brother, what are you doing, you are so skilled." Su Ming was very interested in his skills, and he was able to fight against opponents of the same level with one against three, even though he had a weapon in his hand, They were empty-handed, but the process was very neat, the three of them were not even close to each other, and they were able to use the water load to this extent, which is not something ordinary people can do.

A water pole is a shoulder pole with iron chains and shovel hooks on both ends. When you swing it, you will either hit others or yourself. , Su Ming thought he must have come out of the army.

"Hey, I'll ask you first." The other party didn't answer, but asked Su Ming instead.

"I..." Su Ming rolled his eyes and couldn't think of an answer, which aroused the other party's suspicion. After looking around the car for a while, he asked Su Ming, "Are you a car smuggler?"

"No, no." Su Ming hastily denied. Although the other party concealed it very well, it can be seen from the instant hairs on his body that the other party is ready to fight. Seeing the other party's vigorous appearance, Su Ming thinks it is not the other party's other side.


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