Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 57

"Hey, it turns out that this stone is fake." The man with a swollen face patted the stone, and the stone made a hollow sound. He heard that it was made of wood. Hong Anzhong also came to try it, and found that it was indeed a piece of wood. The fake stone couldn't help cursing in a low voice: "You son of a bitch, don't even let me know if you make a passage."

"Wang Fo, go to the car to get tools and see if you can open this place."

"Can you put me on a rock." Su Ming pretended to be tottering, both of them had to go to work, so naturally they ignored Su Ming, so he casually put Su Ming on the rock, and Su Ming made a loud noise Screaming, deliberately exaggerating a bit.

This stone is still some distance away from the stone where Su Ming fired his gun. However, Hong Anzhong didn't look at the construction site at all, and kept looking at Su Ming intently.

"Brother Hong, there is an iron plate underneath, what should we do?" There was a sudden jingle below, and then Hong Anzhong was called. Hong Anzhong did not rush over, but pointed at Su Ming with a gun: "Be honest, don't make trouble for Ang." , otherwise I won't be soft-hearted."

After warning Su Ming, Hong Anzhong went to look over there. Seeing that the opportunity was fleeting, Su Ming gritted his teeth and moved his body. The voice below was loud, but he covered up the sound for Su Ming. When he touched the handle of the gun, Hong Anzhong over there had already noticed Su Ming's movements. With a sound of "court death", there was the sound of the insurance being opened. How painful it would be, he rolled over and fell to the ground.

There was a "pop" gunshot, the bullet hit the stone and sparks flew everywhere, and the bouncing stone flew to Su Ming's face, causing Su Ming's painful face to twitch. Su Ming didn't even care to wipe it, and rolled over Into the rubble.

Su Ming hastily removed the plastic bag from the gun, then held it in his hand to test the feel, put the gun on a rock and fired over there, only heard an "ouch", as if he had hit the gun Wang Fo's guy, and then Su Ming hurriedly moved to other places.

Relying on being more familiar with the terrain than the opponent, Su Ming started to deal with the opponent. Although the opponent had many people, only Hong Anzhong had a gun. In addition, Wang Fo seemed to be slightly injured, and the two of them could not stop Su Ming at all.

Su Ming was bowing back and retreating, when he suddenly encountered an object that did not look like a stone, he hurriedly turned and aimed at the other party, but he did not expect the other party to do the same, the two pointed at each other, neither of them dared to shoot.

"Zhang Xiaokai, hurry up and catch him." Su Ming backed away slowly, Hong Anzhong pressed on step by step, when he saw Su Ming backed up on a rock, Hong Anzhong laughed and called his men to come over.

He thought that Su Ming didn't dare to shoot, but he didn't know that since Su Ming had brought them here, he had already made a big deal, disregarding life and death, and when he saw him speak, he directly pulled the trigger.

Hong Anzhong's head exploded all of a sudden, white and red splattered all over the place, that Zhang Xiaokai arrived just in time, closed his eyes and passed out when he was frightened, Su Ming dared not be safe, took the gun and forced it again For a while, he was not let go until he was completely unconscious.

Holding a gun, Su Ming went to trouble Wang Fo again, but saw him lying on the ground with blood bubbling from his chest. Although he was not dead yet, he was only one step away from dying.

Seeing that all the enemies had been dealt with, Su Ming's strength seemed to be sucked away. He lay down on the ground and couldn't move any more. He was so dizzy that he just wanted to go to sleep. Thinking that the problem had not been solved yet, Su Ming endured the pain. Su Ming didn't sleep, and after Xie's body regained his strength, Su Ming began to think about what to do next.

No matter what the reason is, killing someone with a gun is a crime, not to mention killing the police chief. Even if it is not a capital crime, Su Ming will not go to prison for ten or eight years. Looking at the surrounding environment, Su Ming frowned. After frowning for a long time, he came up with a plan.

Hong Anzhong's body was just thrown there without moving, but Su Ming took the gun out of his hand, stuffed it into Zhang Xiaokai's hand, wiped off his fingerprints on the gun in his hand, and stuffed it into Wang Fo's hand.

After thinking for a while, Su Ming opened the door again, took out all the drugs inside and put them in the car, dragged Wang Fo and Zhang Xiaokai into the car and placed them in the car, Su Ming stood by the car door and started the car, Controlling the direction, and closing the door, the car automatically rushed down the mountain.

It is certain that the two people will be killed now, and most of the traces will be lost in the collision. After eliminating all possible traces of his own existence in the cave, Su Ming endured the pain and walked down Beiyang Mountain.

Su Mingna didn't go there either, and blocked Liang Cai in the toilet next to the store. Although Xiaopang and Liang Cai both trusted each other, Liang Cai was more reliable in terms of reliability. Reliable, but Xiaopang is a little irrational and easily impulsive when encountering things. If Su Ming tells him to run away, Xiaopang may drop everything and run with Su Ming.

Ask Liang Cai to tell his parents that he went to other places to find business, and let them rest assured, don't make it public, and remember not to let Cui Jianshe get involved in the store. As for the family courtyard of the Education Bureau, just use it as a warehouse. Don't move your things, Su Ming will leave 100,000 yuan there.

In the end, Su Ming took off the pager and handed it to Liang Cai. If someone contacts Su Ming, he will ask who it is. If it is Minister Lan or Director Chen of the Public Security Bureau, he will say that he has run away until they say that he is safe. I will come back, and I will use this contact every once in a while when I am outside.

Su Ming sneaked into the family courtyard of the Education Bureau in the middle of the night, took out 100,000 from the purse and put it in the place agreed with Liang Cai, took hundreds of thousands from it, and went downstairs.

When he came to the place where the car was kept, Su Ming came out with the car. Su Ming didn't intend to run barefoot. He drove fast and was safe. But there was one more thing, that was the motorcycle that had been shattered into pieces. The car had to be retrieved, and Su Ming felt that it had been moved by someone. When he found the place, he found that someone had sent it to the waste collection station.

Su Ming was not polite to him, and broke open the door of his house in the middle of the night. Just as the guy was about to get angry, he saw three hundred-yuan bills thrown in front of him. The anger disappeared immediately, and he offered to help Su Ming put the motorcycle in the In the trunk, after Su Ming left, he wondered why he needed a useless motorcycle when he drove a good car.

Su Ming headed south all the way, first found a gas station to fill up the gas, and bought two large oil cans to fill up on the car, this is not the motorcycle, once it runs out of gas, it can only lie down .

There is food in the car besides oil. When Su Ming is tired, he finds a secluded place to sleep. Regardless of night or day, he eats the food in the car when he is hungry. In summer, Su Ming dare not buy cooked food. They are all instant noodles and biscuits. , beer, champagne and the like.

Su Ming didn't stop until he was out of Xiangning Province. It was also thanks to the quality of the car that he ran all the way without any problems and went extremely smoothly.

When he arrived here, Su Ming was about to repair the motorcycle, but suddenly found that the motorcycle could not be taken out, it was stuck in the trunk, and there was a tendency to integrate it.


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