Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 56

Su Ming didn't dare to go there at all, everything was stored there, he was afraid of being known, how could he lead people there, he first went to the organization department to find Lan Tianyun, and compared the recent situation with Lan Tianyun Said, Lan Tianyun suddenly realized: "No wonder Cui Manyuan of the Standing Committee stood there two or three times. It must be related to the two deputy directors mentioned by the Public Security Bureau. Cui Manyuan is in the same boat with them."

Lan Tianyun told Su Ming to ask Su Ming to contact Chen Minglu as soon as possible and ask Chen Minglu to send someone to protect him. Otherwise, he couldn't stay in the municipal committee all the time. Su Ming didn't bother to go through Chen Feiya anymore, so he called Chen Minglu directly. In the office, it turned out that a close relative in Chen Minglu's hometown had passed away, and he went home for the funeral, and it would take half a month to come back.

Now Su Ming has no other choice. Lan Tianyun wants Su Ming to hide in his house. Su Ming thinks about it and doesn't agree. He has helped him enough. If he gets involved in this matter again, I feel sorry for him, so he should go out. run.

As soon as Su Ming left the municipal committee, his whereabouts were discovered, and it was unknown how many people Hong Anzhong had deployed for this purpose. After a while, five or six police cars were dragged behind Su Ming, and one came out in front from time to time.

Su Ming led a group of police cars to roam around flexibly on the street. Whenever there was danger, he could always dodge without losing the opportunity. This was because others always regarded Su Ming's motorcycle as an ordinary motorcycle, and they didn't know it at all. How flexible it is, how good the acceleration performance is.

After chasing him, he ran out of the urban area, and the police car behind him chased him even more recklessly. Seeing that he couldn't close the distance even with full throttle, he even fired frantically.

The opponent's first shot hit Su Ming's shoulder. Although it only passed close to the flesh, the scorching high temperature and sharp puncture still drew a black groove on Su Ming's shoulder. The car just tilted and almost hit the electric pole on the side of the road. Su Ming was so painful that he didn't even have the strength to refuel. At this time, the other party had already arrived behind Su Ming.

Before Su Ming could react, the other party had already bumped into him from behind. When he felt the impact, he flew into the air like a cloud and fog. The moment he fell, Su Ming turned his head and saw the seven-year-old man whose motorcycle had been hit. It fell apart and flew into the ditch all the time.

Su Ming landed on a hard ground, he was completely stunned, and his mind was dazed. He felt that the other party pushed him roughly onto the car, and then he fell unconscious and didn't know what happened again.

"Wow..." Su Ming was awakened by a basin of cold water from head to toe. After waking up, his whole body felt as if he had been interrupted. After struggling a few times and being unable to move, Su Ming realized that he was trapped In an iron chair, hands and feet are firmly bound.

There were two people sitting in front of him, one of them was Hong Anzhong, looking at Su Ming calmly, the one next to him had a swollen face, when he saw Su Ming wake up, he licked his lips habitually, like a beast seeing its prey.

"I won't talk nonsense to you anymore, hand over my son's huge sum of money, and I will let you die quickly, otherwise, I will let you suffer all kinds of pain, and taste what it feels like to live but not to die." Hong Anzhong He looked at it coldly, wishing he could beat the boy to death directly to avenge his son, but the money was returned to him.

"What huge sum of money, I don't know." Only then did Su Ming know why the other party put on such a posture of interrogation. It turned out that it was for the money. Su Ming would definitely not tell the other party, and if he didn't say that there might be a chance, he said I will definitely die.

"I'll let you know, come on." Hong Anzhong shook his head, and the person sitting next to him stood up, walked up to Su Ming, took out the electric baton, and gave Su Ming a blow. Su Ming resisted desperately while trembling. Feeling the pain caused by the electric current, at the same time feeling like an object calling to me in the distance.

Fortunately, I can still feel it there. At this time, Su Ming misses it very much. If he was by his side, he would still be afraid of these people. He should have resisted bravely at that time. What are the police? There is nothing to be afraid of.

Su Ming felt that his mental strength would increase a little every time he was in severe pain. Su Ming regarded the other party's torture as a kind of exercise, and at the same time exercised his own endurance and perseverance.

Seeing that the conventional methods were almost used, Su Ming still had the look of preferring death to surrender. Hong Anzhong didn't have the patience to fight Su Ming any longer, so he brought another basin of water to wake Su Ming up and asked, "Don't think you don't want to give up?" I have nothing to do with you if I open my mouth. You have to remember that you still have parents, relatives and friends. I really want to arrest people. I have no choice but to hide in Pinggang. And your shop, which was opened with Tianzheng’s money Well, you can protect that kid with the surname Cui. I don’t even pay attention to his father. Let me ask you again, where is the money? If you don’t tell me, I will arrest him. When."

It hit Su Ming's soft threat all at once. His family is Su Ming's biggest threat. Of course, the real police chief would not do this, but Su Ming already knows who Hong Anzhong is, and he can't be more clear. This guy is a gangster .

"The money is in Beiyang Mountain." Su Ming replied as weakly as possible, and at the same time relaxed his tense mind, and the suppressed pain immediately rushed out. Su Ming's face was white in pain, and he was sweating profusely. As if it was real.

"Where is Beiyang Mountain?" Hong Anzhong asked eagerly. At first, he thought that the money fell into the hands of the provincial department, but after checking many relationships, he couldn't find out that the income was in the account, so he thought it was Chen Minglu's corruption. After receiving the money, it was later discovered that Chen Minglu was in frequent contact with a young man here, so he suspected that the two of them swallowed the money together. Otherwise, Chen Minglu would have to take care of this stranger and no relationship. Young people are suddenly rich again.

He doesn't need evidence, and it's not a verdict. He just needs to doubt. With this conclusion, he originally wanted to kill Su Ming directly to avenge his son, but changed his mind to capture Su Ming alive, otherwise Su Ming would have died long ago.

"I can tell you only when I get there." Su Ming shook his head, how could he tell them the detailed location, and who would let Su Ming untie what he told them? In this iron chair, Su Ming couldn't get out no matter how powerful he was. Ah, only to find this opportunity.

"Okay, if you don't mind suffering, I will take you with me. If you dare to use your brains, I will shoot you." Take out the gun and point it at Su Ming, then let Su Ming go, and then call another person, three I personally drove Su Ming to Beiyang Mountain.

Su Ming led them to the cave, pointed inside, and the two of them sandwiched Su Ming in between, not giving Su Ming a chance at all. Hong Anzhong pointed a gun at Su Ming and walked behind, and the four entered the cave together. .

"There is a passage here, the money is in the passage, and the opening is in the villa at the other end of the passage. I can't get in after the villa is demolished." Su Ming led them to the big rock that Hong Tian was coming out of and said to them .


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