Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 55

"Secretary Cui, this is my respect as a junior. Brother Jianshe always complains that he doesn't have enough money. He is old, so you can't be too constrained by him." Su Ming directly pushed two stacks of hundred-yuan bills in front of Cui Manyuan , Cui Manyuan was very surprised at first, but after Su Ming finished speaking, he realized what Su Ming meant, and couldn't help but glared at his son.

Cui Jianshe was dumbfounded when he heard it from behind. He never thought that Su Ming would dare to bring all this to his father. When encountering such a thing, most people would think that the son and the father must be together. Who would dare to say it directly? Well, Cui Jianshe would use this kind of trickery to seek benefits very early on.

But in the past, Cui Manyuan was just a deputy director, and he was still a poor unit like the Department of Justice. No matter how ruthless he was, he would only make a thousand dollars, and no matter how much he wanted, no one would pay attention to him.

His mother died young. When he was young, his grandparents took him with him. When he grew up, he followed his father. He respected his father more than he respected him, and he didn't listen to his father's words very much.

After arriving in Pingyang with his father, although his father's rank has not changed, Cui Jianshe feels completely different from the deputy director. From the first night onwards, the family has basically never lost any guests, and no one came empty-handed. of.

And for him, the son of the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, no one dared to disrespect himself, unlike in Chuanping, even if his father's subordinates came to visit, he treated him like a child.

His passion gradually swelled up amidst the boasting, especially after listening to his father's analysis of the official situation in Pingyang, and knowing that all these parties need to win over his father, a centrist, he didn't know the east, west, and north, and felt that no one would dare I messed with myself.

Unexpectedly, he ran into a snag with the little Su Ming. Su Ming didn't bother to pay attention to him, and went directly to his father. Although the words were very nice, it gave people the feeling that he was a child. , Just like the feeling of uncles and uncles who used to give their lucky money to buy toys.

Why do you, a small businessman, not take me seriously, and even talk to my father directly? Do you have the qualifications? Ming made a move, but his father's cold stare completely dispelled his anger.

"Xiao Ming, what are you doing? Put it away quickly. Do you want me to make a mistake? Do you know that you are also committing a crime?" Cui Manyuan snapped. It's not that he doesn't love money, but he loves his political life even more. How could someone like Su Ming who was so quick to take matters to the sky and knew people from above, how dare he accept Su Ming's money, and the money was too much.

"Then I lent the money to brother Jianshe, and then he bought the shares. Do you think it's okay?" Su Ming deliberately handed over the option to Cui Manyuan, so that he only needs to take out some money every once in a while. Bonuses are fine. If Cui Jianshe directly agrees, he may have to intervene in the management and financial rights, which is unacceptable to Su Ming.

"This, you can discuss it. I will not interfere, and don't use my banner." Cui Manyuan wanted to refuse, but he looked at his son's expectant eyes, and then at the two stacks of fragrant banknotes in front of him. Couldn't help nodding his head in agreement.

This is two different things from directly collecting money. There is no one in the world who doesn't love money, but he knows that money is hot, and if this guy can report Hong Anzhong, he may not be able to report himself.

But there is no such problem with borrowing money. There is no rule that cadres or the children of cadres cannot borrow money. As for borrowing money to start a business, as long as one does not use power for personal gain, it is not a big problem.

"Then it's okay for me to ask Jianshe to help me sell?" Su Ming continued to ask. Judging from Hong Anzhong's performance, he probably recognized himself, so he should be careful of his revenge.

Generally, families don’t have to worry too much. Pinggang is a relatively independent place with the same level as Pingyang City. The administrative units of Pingyang City have nothing to do with Pinggang, but their own business can’t.

So sales are secondary, and Su Ming doesn't think he can sell a few clothes for himself. The key is to use this name to spread the word and let people know that this store has something to do with him, so that other people will not dare to think about the store. , As for the shares or something, it should be paid the protection fee.

"You guys discuss it. Remember, just don't use my banner." Cui Manyuan looked at his son's fiery eyes, thinking that since he agreed earlier, it would be meaningless to refuse later.

Cui Manyuan didn't want to see his son greedy for money, so he went back to rest. Su Ming discussed with Cui Jianshe seriously, as long as Cui Jianshe introduced customers, there would be rebates. Of course, the price is natural If it is included in the clothes, the leader of the son's business, and personally opened Jinkou to introduce him, how shameless it is not expensive.

Cui Jianshe looks very smart on the surface, but once this person is fascinated by greed, he doesn't think about anything. He is very satisfied with the various return plans proposed by Su Ming. In fact, the wool comes from the sheep, and he is not satisfied. In the end, he was the one who hated him.

After the discussion, Su Ming took his leave. As soon as he rode the motorcycle out of the compound, a car slammed into him from behind. Su Ming was calculating the gains and losses tonight, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly accelerated. It is considered to have escaped.

Looking back, under the dim light of the street lamp, Hong Anzhong was grinning grinningly in the car, increasing the accelerator, and slammed into Su Ming. Su Ming was not afraid. With his speed, it would be strange if he could catch up with him, but It just depends on his ruthlessness in wanting to kill himself, maybe he knows everything behind it.

Su Ming quickly dumped him without a trace, and then Su Ming parked the car halfway and began to think about how to solve this matter. Since Hong Anzhong has become so crazy, he can't wait any longer, he must Solved ASAP.

Su Ming first came to Beiyang Mountain and took out the pistol. Although there is a shock wave as an attack method, it can only be used on a motorcycle, so it is safer to bring a gun.

But after getting it, Su Ming realized that it was summer, and the clothes he was wearing couldn't cover the marks of the gun at all, so Su Ming had to put the gun in the crevice where the key was placed.

As soon as Su Ming returned to the store, he heard Xiaopang say that someone had come to him. Su Ming gave Cui Jianshe's contact information to Xiaopang, and told him that if someone came to make trouble, he should find him to settle it, and then he rode on the motorcycle and went to the store. Just as he was about to leave, a police car stopped in front of him.

Without further ado, Su Ming turned the handlebars and stepped on the gas, directly knocking the police bread over, almost falling to the ground, scaring the person who was about to get out of the car, and hurriedly grabbed onto it and waited for it to calm down. Look again, the target has already run away and doesn't know where it is.

I contacted Pinggang, and they said they didn’t see Su Ming, and they only knew that Su Ming was most likely to appear in these two places. As for the family courtyard of the Education Bureau, Su Ming seldom goes there recently, and they don’t know there.


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