Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 54

After the two exchanged their contact methods, Su Ming left at zero. When he was outside, he was about to start his motorcycle. He suddenly wanted to hear what the other party said about him, so he turned on the detection beam and aimed it inside the house.

"Jianjian, what do you think of this kid?" Cui Manyuan said.

"Chen Minglu praised him as a genius, once we met, but that's all, he's a mere kid, with a great reputation, it's hard to live up to."

"You can't say that, depending on how old you are, you dare to get involved in this kind of thing. This kind of courage alone is rare for ordinary people."

"Dad, you think too highly of him. I think he got some news because he is a local. Somehow, he got into Chen Minglu's eyes. When something happened, he didn't expect us. Chen Minglu couldn't intervene, so he just I don’t have the ability to fart.”

"You just talk about others, and you haven't done any big things yourself, okay, okay, go to sleep." The two went to sleep, Su Ming was very depressed when he heard it outside, he didn't expect the two people to see it like this For myself, it seemed impossible to rely on him to help me deal with Hong Anzhong.

For the sake of this news, I would at least say a few good words. I didn't expect to be so contemptuous of others behind the scenes, and even Chen Minglu didn't seem to take it seriously.

It is estimated that there is nothing to expect them to pull Hong Anzhong down. Sure enough, after waiting for a few days, Hong Anzhong is still sitting firmly in the position of the police chief. Su Ming went to the alley to see, but the gate was closed and nothing was left. .

Did Hong Anzhong notice it, or did Cui Manyuan start to act? Su Ming was about to continue the investigation, when he suddenly received a call from Cui Jianshe, specifically telling Su Ming not to act without authorization, so as not to startle the snake.

The snake was already startled. Su Ming wanted to ask a question back, but he shrank back when the words reached his lips. Unexpectedly, Cui Jianshe found the store the next day. Business is a bustling scene.

Especially this time, Xiaopang deliberately bought some high-end goods, one of which sold for more than 100 yuan. Cui Jianshe stayed for a while, and saw that he had charged 600 to 700 yuan, and his heart moved.

"Xiao Ming, you opened this store?" Cui Jianshe asked suddenly when there was no one around.

"Yes, I opened it in partnership with some of my friends." Su Ming answered casually, looked up and suddenly saw the fiery light in his eyes, and hurriedly added.

"Let me get a share too, and I'll take the money." Cui Jianshe's oppressive tone made Su Ming extremely uncomfortable. Seeing that he had made money and wanted to partner, just talk about it, as if threatening others, how could Su Ming be willing.

Besides, it's not that Su Ming doesn't want to partner with others, but the partner must know the basics. It goes without saying that Xiaopang Liangcai and the others, even Xu Guangzu, Su Ming also knows that he has no evil intentions other than being selfish and careful. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been friends with Su Ziqiang for so many years.

Moreover, this business is a partnership with the three of Xiaopang Liangcai. From the ideological point of view, Su Ming doesn't want other people to enter, so Su Ming's answer is very resistant: "I have to ask other people what they mean. Can't be the master."

"Brother is partnering with you. It's because I'm giving you face. Do you know who I am? The son of a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, who would dare not want to." Looking at Su Ming.

Su Ming really didn't expect that Cui Jianshe would be such a person, so greedy for money that he didn't care about eating at all, and he didn't know what Chen Minglu did to introduce such a person to himself.

"Tell me how much money you need, and what kind of partner do you want to join? It takes a lot of time and effort." Su Ming also gave him a blank look, no matter what, he can't lose his position in terms of momentum, but now is not the time to tear up his face.

"Hey, it looks like he is really a rich man. My brother likes to do business. Why don't you get me 20,000 yuan first, and I will invest it in later." Cui Jianshe is not so easy to spend, and the money still needs money. , and then take the money you want to partner.

Su Ming didn't call after hearing this, and such thick-skinned people are really rare, so Su Ming's attitude was not polite: "Okay, I'll give you the money later, just wait."

"Okay, get ready to contact me, buddy goodbye." Cui Jianshe swaggered away frantically, and Su Ming was left with a livid face. The sons and buddies don't have a good thing, Hong Tianzheng is not a good thing, no Thinking about it, this guy is not much better. As for Ye Lang, in Su Ming's eyes, he is no longer up to the standard of a young master.

At night, Su Ming didn't say hello to him, and went directly to Cui's house with 20,000 yuan. When he got there, he found a Jeep 213 parked in front of Cui's house, with a police mark on it. Ming was about to hide in the distance to detect, when suddenly the door opened and two people walked out.

It was Hong Anzhong who was walking in front, and Cui Jianshe followed him and sent him out. The two just had a face-to-face meeting with Su Ming. Su Ming was taken aback. The image of him has been deeply imprinted in Su Ming's heart.

"Su Ming, why are you here so late?" Seeing Su Ming, Cui Jianshe showed a sinister smile, and called out Su Ming's name directly. When Hong Anzhong heard that the young man in front of him was Su Ming, the corner of his mouth grinned. He sneered at Su Ming, with a chill in his eyes.

"You must be Su Ming. I just heard your name, but I didn't expect you to be so young. Heroes are young. If Tianzheng was like you, he wouldn't die."

Seeing Su Ming standing there motionless, Hong Anzhong took the initiative to come over and stretch out his hand to Su Ming. When he held it with both hands, Su Ming felt that his hand was clamped by a vise, and there was a pain like bone-piercing pain. It came in bursts.

Su Ming endured the pain and asked, "Who are you?" Taking advantage of Hong Anzhong's stunned effort, he hastily freed his hand.

"This is Director Hong of the Public Security Bureau, don't you know him?" Seeing Su Ming secretly shaking that hand, Cui Jianshe felt very relieved, walked between the two, and asked intentionally.

"I don't know." Su Ming shook his head.

"You will know each other soon." Hong Anzhong got on the car and turned around. When he got close to Su Ming, he turned his head and said something full of hatred towards Su Ming, and left with a roar.

"I thought you knew Director Hong, I'm sorry." Cui Jianshe deliberately made an apologetic expression beside him, but Su Mingli ignored him and went straight into Cui's house.

"Hey..." Cui Jianshe was about to speak, looked around, and stopped again. All the leaders at the city level lived here. If there were too many movements, it was easy to be suspected by others, so he had to follow Su Ming in.


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