Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 53

"You said that Director Hong is really serious. If you just accept it, it will be over. If you have to play tricks, it is really troublesome to send him money." Su Ming forgot that the detection function had not been turned off, and was stopping there. Suddenly, a conversation triggered caught his attention.

Su Ming looked in the direction and found that the sound came from a Santana that just passed in front. Su Ming hurriedly started the motorcycle and followed it from behind while continuing to detect the car.

It's a pity that just said that sentence, and the people in the car didn't speak, but knowing that the other party had a black deal with Hong Anzhong, Su Ming made up his mind and must follow to see where they were going.

The car turned seven turns and arrived at a residential area. The two-storey small houses built here have only emerged in recent years. It can also be regarded as a wealthy area in Pingyang City.

With the help of the detection wave, Su Ming didn't need to get too close. After seeing the other party entering a small alley, Su Ming chose to hide in the distance, watching and detecting them from a distance.

Seeing two people getting off the car and walking into the courtyard, there was no sound at all, only the footsteps of the three people, except for some trembling weak voices, and soon the two people came out again, backing away. Come out and leave according to the way you came.

continue to follow? Or stay, Su Ming hesitated for a moment, then mobilized again, followed, just write down here, if you stay, it is likely to arouse people's suspicion.

After following for a while, one person got off at the police station, and then the other drove the car and continued on until a large game arcade stopped here.

This is a confession for Hong Anzhong. Such a large game arcade, without the care of the chief of the public security bureau, can continue to operate there. Could it be said that in that alley is the door to collect money for Hong Anzhong? Su Ming decided to follow for a while try.

After tracking for a few days, Su Ming found that not every day, but basically every few days, someone would go to the small courtyard after coming out of Hong Anzhong, stay for a while and leave without saying anything.

Only once, someone called the old man to let Su Ming know that there was at least an old man there, and the other situation was still unknown. Su Ming wanted to go and have a look, but he was worried that he would startle the snake.

Because Su Ming found that, except for those who came out of Hong Anzhong, basically no one went in or out of this alley. If he went there rashly, he might alarm the people inside.

In this way, no matter how you make up, you may arouse the other party's suspicion if you go in, but if you don't go in, how can you find out what's going on inside? Su Ming even stared at it with a detection wave, but nothing was gained.

Su Ming thought for a while and felt that it would be more reliable to consult a professional. When he wanted to call Chen Minglu, he suddenly remembered that he had confessed that he should not call him directly, but contact Chen Feiya if necessary.

Su Ming mustered up his courage to get through the phone, and it took him several tries to press the last digit: "I'm Su Ming, I have something to ask Director Chen, can I tell you."

"There was someone in the room just now, tell me now, and I'll ask you." First, no one spoke for a long time, and Su Ming was about to hang up the phone, when that weak voice came from the other side.

"Uncle Chen said, let you contact Secretary Cui and let Secretary Cui decide." After a while, Chen Feiya came back, speaking out of breath.

"Okay, uh, goodbye." Su Ming spat out the word "goodbye" from Su Ming's mouth with great difficulty. I'm afraid there will be no chance to see you again.

Putting aside the melancholy in his heart, Su Ming remembered that Cui Manyuan, secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Legal Committee and former deputy director of the Provincial Department of Justice, Chen Minglu had told him before. Chen Minglu had told him several times that he asked him to visit him once. I didn't go, and I don't know if the other party is angry.

For this kind of visit, Chen Minglu usually made a good greeting in advance. If he didn't go, he was rude. If he went now, he meant to hold Buddha's feet temporarily, which made Su Ming very embarrassed.

But now it is impossible not to go. Since Chen Minglu instructed himself to go there, it means that this matter has to be done according to his head. Even if the city arrests people, he, the chief of the Public Security Bureau, will not be able to sit for long.

Su Ming came to the house of Cui Manyuan, secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Legal Committee, in the municipal committee building. There are two small buildings in a row. His house is in the fourth building in the second row. I can't take out the gift at all.

They put Moutai, Wuliangye and so on in their house. It seems that they were left by the previous guests. Just putting them like this is not too ostentatious. Su Ming slandered them in his heart, and put the things down.

"The nanny is already asleep, so no one will move things. Xiao Su, put them there first." It was Cui Manyuan who spoke, his face was flushed, and he looked very happy. Other pleasures.

There was a person standing next to him, whose face was somewhat similar to his, probably his son, who stood there without saying a word, and when they all sat down, he sat beside Su Ming.

"This is my son Jianshe. He just graduated from university and has nothing to do at home." Cui Manyuan treated Su Ming very kindly, and took the initiative to introduce his son to Su Ming. Cui Jianshe also smiled and took the initiative to hold hands with Su Ming.

"You can just call me Brother Jianshe. Brother Su Ming, I keep saying that I will come, but I can't wait for you. What are you busy with every day?" As soon as the brother Jianshe came up, he accused Su Ming of coming too late, and Cui Manyuan just watched The two bickered without any intention of intervening.

"Is there any good news about Xiao Su's visit this time?" After waiting for a while, Cui Manyuan saw that Su Ming kept silent, so he asked proactively. Su Ming glanced at Cui Jianshe next to him, wondering whether he should speak, but Why can't I meddle with Cui Jianshe's seven orifices that can be mixed with things that you, a brat, can do.

"It's okay, Jianshe is not an outsider, you just say it." Cui Manyuan has been honing his son's ability in this area since he was a child, and he usually doesn't hide anything from him. Cui Jianshe nodded aside. He is proud of this kind of thing, other sons are only good at eating, drinking and having fun, but he can share his father's worries.

Su Ming talked about his own discovery, of course, the premise must have been unintentional. After listening, Cui Manyuan said to Su Ming: "It is valuable for you to provide this discovery, but you are not a professional after all, so you don't want to do it later." Participated in order to avoid any danger."

"Okay, then I'll take my leave, and I won't disturb Secretary Cui's rest." Su Ming didn't intend to let him participate, so he got up and was about to leave, but Cui Manyuan called out: "Xiao Su, leave your contact information behind." To Jianshe, you are all young people, and you will have more contacts in the future, so I will go to sleep first."


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