Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 52

"Hey, where's your Uncle Xu? I said I'd have a drink with him." Su Ziqiang asked strangely when his son came back and there was no one behind him.

"Uncle Xu gave me another 500 when he went outside. He said it was the money that was shared this time. You can write it down, Dad." Su Ming handed the 500 to his father, thinking that if Xu Guangzu had the face to come in, he would say this If he doesn't even have the guts to come in, then there's really no need for further cooperation, at least you can't let him go like this.

"Xiao Ming has done some meritorious deeds. I'm afraid you will be strict with the child, so I plan to give the child some pocket money." Xu Guangzu laughed as soon as he came in. He was also clever, and immediately followed Su Ming's words and lied. Su Ziqiang and Cai Xingjuan were honest, they didn't hear the problem at all.

"You don't need to worry about him. He always has more money than me. Let your sister-in-law cook two dishes, and we two have a drink." Su Ziqiang felt that it was hard work for Lao Xu to run around, so he wanted to reward him A look at Xu Guangzu, Xu Guangzu had the face to stay and drink his face, and left in a hurry after finding an excuse.

"That's right. Bring the money from the previous two times. Our contract fee is almost back. Xiao Ming has a good eye this time." Su Ziqiang counted it again, and it was still five thousand five, and handed it to Cai Xingjuan.

"I used my son's money when I voted. If you don't give it to my son, why would you give it to me? My son is much more promising than you. Let him spend it." Cai Xingjuan did not accept the money.

"Give him a few hundred yuan and spend it. It will take so much, and he will spend it recklessly." Su Ziqiang is still complaining. Su Ming has already taken the money. The more you don't want it, the more you spend it. That being said, I still want to take it away and spend it.

After being able to accept this kind of high-standard and high-precision requirements, the mold factory gradually became busy. While the income was getting higher and higher, the manpower was a bit insufficient. At this time, Ye Tianming came to the door again. .

He felt that the contracting fee was a bit low, and wanted to take back the contracting rights. At this time, Su and Xu would allow him to fulfill his wish and block him back with the contract he signed at the beginning. This was Su Ming's idea. Since you are willing to contract out Yes, you can’t take it back if you want. The contract period is five years, and the annual contracting fee can fluctuate, but it can only increase by 10% at most. After five years, Su and Xu have the priority to contract. Contracted to others, the contract can only be terminated with the consent of both parties.

This was also Su Ming's idea at the time. All the terms of the contract were in favor of the contractor. Ye Tianming signed the contract without reading the content in order to get the 5,000 yuan. Su Ming regretted it after seeing it. The content is too fair.

Ye Tianming had no other choice, so he had to send a few people over. For their own benefit, Su and Xu didn't take him seriously as the factory director. Let us ask for people, but let us pick them. They are all from the factory. People, who know the basics, who doesn't know how to work, can't say that you let us accept whoever you want.

Just when Ye Tianming was secretly annoyed and was about to do something wrong, Xu Guangzu came to the door with 2,000 yuan. In addition to giving money, he also made a wish to Ye Tianming. As long as the business is good, every once in a while, he will give you money here.

Ye Tianming immediately forgot the unhappiness before, and happily accepted the money. He didn't know that outside the house, Su Ming had already recorded the whole process and transferred it to the tape. Su Ming threw it with his hand, hum, surname Ye's, your handle has now fallen into our hands, let's see if you still dare to mess with me in the future.

From this, Su Ming thought about Hong Anzhong. If there is such a method, I don’t know if it will be effective. Su Ming went to monitor Hong Anzhong for three nights, but found nothing. Two of the three nights, Hong Anzhong was on duty in the Public Security Bureau, and one Although he lived at home at night, he went to bed early, leaving Su Mingbai to stay outside all night.

Su Ming asked someone to inquire, and found that Hong Anzhong was indeed like this. He was on duty in the bureau for half of the nights of the week. He was like this every week. Even when he went home, he always fell asleep and never received his subordinates or guests at home.

Absolutely not, if this guy is so upright and upright, how could he raise a son who smuggled and sold drugs, but he couldn't find it. Since he didn't find it at night, he would have to watch it all day.

Behind the Public Security Bureau is a large residential area, so Su Ming pretended to be waiting for others, and did not attract people's attention. Although there were policemen passing by here from time to time, no one was interested in looking at Su Ming.

After two days of guarding, Su Ming found that every lunch break was the time when Hong Anzhong was meeting guests. At this point, the captains and directors below would report to the work, and sometimes lead the outsiders.

With this discovery, Su Ming specially squatted to watch this hour, but from what he heard, other than reporting work, he said some boring words, which had nothing to do with breaking the law.

Su Ming really doesn't believe it, you really don't have any problems like this, Su Ming just made up his mind to stick to the spot, and people paid attention to him, anyway, this is the Public Security Bureau, Su will stay here every day, It's always like looking for someone, how can it not arouse the suspicion of others.

Su Ming was listening, when suddenly someone patted him on the shoulder, which startled Su Ming. He turned around and saw two policemen surrounded him, one on the left and one on the right.

"What are you doing here?" Two policemen grabbed Su Ming and his motorcycle at the same time and asked.

"Wait for someone." For these ordinary policemen, Su Ming is not afraid. The chief of the public security department knows them all, and the police flowers are almost on.

"I remember that you seem to have been waiting here for several days, haven't you arrived yet? Who are you waiting for?" The policeman asked, obviously doubting what Su Ming said, and insisted on asking something.

"I met a policewoman here at noon a few days ago. She was so beautiful. Unfortunately, there was someone next to her at the time, and I didn't dare to ask her name. It was that. I just wanted to wait here for a few days and see. Let's see if I can meet her again, she is over 1.7 meters tall, she is very fair, has a melon-shaped face, and long hair in a ponytail, the two big brothers, I wonder if I can help you out." Su Ming waved to the two of them, He lowered his head, and the three heads piled together, as if they were discussing some conspiracy.

"That's Wu Yanli from 110, you still want to play her tricks, don't dream, you are not working hard at such a young age, get out of here, and if I see you staying here again, I will arrest you." The two policemen said nothing. Thinking of this reason, they looked at each other and had no choice but to drive Su Ming away.

"Thank you two big brothers, I'm leaving now, I'm leaving now." Su Ming didn't expect that the image he made up could match the number, he got on the motorcycle and left, and he stopped after walking a long way.


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