Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 51

"If you're still the director of Xiaosu, you can see the problem at a glance. It's amazing. It's worse than our old workers who have worked for so many years." Lao Huang praised Su Ming while slapping others. Seeing this, the others hurriedly picked up tools and started working, leaving Su Ming speechless.

When will this old problem be changed? Every time the factory receives a new job, they have to do it again. However, apart from wasting materials, these people are good in other aspects, and they work hard enough. They rush to work and work overtime There is no complaint, just a few sips of wine can make them happy, making people hate and like it at the same time.

But today I discovered another use of this motorcycle, which made Su Ming very happy. Along the way, Su Ming kept thinking about what this motorcycle is. It turned out to be a bicycle, and it turned out to be compatible with a motorcycle. When it gets to a piece, will that turn into a car again?

If it turns into a car, can it be transformed into a human form like a Transformer? Could this guy come from those Cybertron planets, and it can also play sounds, just like the sound waves inside.

Su Ming recalled that when he was a child, he had watched a cartoon about the ever-changing lion, in which there was a shape-shifting man on a motorcycle, but Su Ming couldn't remember the content of that cartoon.

Could it be that the thing on his body came from an alien? For the first time, Su Ming doubted the source of this thing, but his own perspective ability must not have something to do with it, right?

This thing will change, but it can’t be said to change. It should be called evolution. It can absorb audio equipment such as small tape recorders, can transform machine tools, and can send out two types of beams: detection and shock. No matter what conclusion you come to, you have to put it aside and forget it, as long as it is useful, no matter what it changes.

Not long after Su Ming returned home, Xiao Pang came over with Liang Cai. After the two of them counted, they found that the remaining goods were not enough to sell until the end of summer. You are always embarrassed to sell until there is only goods left Let's buy some more at the end of the year. The two of them came over to discuss with Su Ming. They wanted to buy another batch of goods in the next few days, and at the same time buy more autumn and winter clothes.

"Go ahead, didn't I tell you that, except for the lack of money or the need for me to come forward, are all the things in the store decided by you?" The store has been open for more than two months, and after a while Su Ming didn't even Never mind.

"This time, I want to take all the money and buy more goods. You can see if it works." Although Su Ming said that they are in charge, this matter is too big. How can it be done without Su Ming's permission? Most of them are Su Ming.

"Okay, you stay there for a few more days, observe carefully, and see what new things they have there, which are suitable for us, and don't necessarily have to sell clothes." Su Ming thought of the idea of opening a store this time, and Many operations in the store come from Xiaopang and Xiaoling's observations in the south. Facts have proved that this novel way of buying and selling is very attractive, and it is much more cost-effective than renting a stall in a shopping mall.

"Isn't it good to sell clothes? Isn't it very profitable?" Liang Cai asked next to him, and the money invested was returned in a month. Is there any business that is more profitable than this?

"It's not that selling clothes doesn't make money, but that this business can't last forever, and it can't expand. It's already at the top." Su Ming began to explain to Liang Cai, and Liang Cai finally understood.

That’s right, if selling clothes is so profitable, everyone will come to sell clothes. Now in Pingyang, no one goes to the south to buy clothes to sell. What I’m waiting for is the only business for Scorpion Baba, otherwise it’s so easy to sell Sooner or later, someone will go to the south to buy clothes and sell them.

And even if no one joins the competition, the current business is considered excellent, and it is impossible to continue to be so hot. Liang Cai is also a smart person, and immediately understood Su Ming's meaning, but he saw that Xiaopang was already mentally prepared. From his appearance, he knew that Xiaopang had expected this kind of thing a long time ago.

"Then shall we still sell clothes?" Liang Cai felt a little bit reluctant to let go of this store, feeling that he had poured all his heart and soul into it, and if he just gave up like this, he would feel sad for a while.

"Sell it, who said it won't be sold, we have made a name for ourselves, even if someone goes to the south like us, it won't be as famous as ours, but such a business is no longer worth all of us turning around it , I have to open another way. With Xiaoling, Xiaolan and your sister here, we don't have to worry about the store. This time, let Xiaopang go and have a look, and you can go outside when you turn around, so as to broaden your horizons. "

"Okay, I'm leaving tomorrow. Liang Cai, if you have nothing to do, just watch in the store. Otherwise, you can't be a woman. Xiao Ming, if you have nothing to do, go around more. Now we have to count on this store." He looks short and fat, giving people a lazy and clumsy look. When it comes to doing business, he is more aggressive than anyone else, and he can endure hardships. His childhood education made him have a greedy attachment to money, but he is not greedy for that. He only likes to do business to make money.

Liang Cai's personality is quite stable, no matter what happens, he is rational, and his personality is rather dull. If he is not with Su Ming Xiaopang, he is like a wooden man, but if he is with them, his words are witty and interesting , the action spirit is weird, in Xiaopang's words, it is old-fashioned and troublesome, in Su Ming's words, it is Mensao.

The three chatted with each other for a while, and every time they came together, they always seemed to have endless things to say. No matter what the topic was, the three of them could find something interesting. A good relationship can make people enjoy it. The reason why they couldn't easily get into their three-person team.

A few days later, Xu Guangzu came to Su Ming's home at night, took out 10,000 yuan, split it in the middle, and handed half to Su Ziqiang: "This is the money for the job last time. I just paid the bill." When he came back, he searched many places for this job, but no one was able to do it, so here we did it for him, thanks to Xiao Ming, we wouldn’t be able to do it if Xiao Ming wasn’t capable.”

When Xu Guangzu said this, he glanced at Su Ming, but quickly dodged away. Su Ming felt that something was wrong, and scanned his whole body with his clairvoyant eyes. There was nothing unusual. It happened for no reason. What is he guilty of.

Su Ming came outside with an excuse, looked not far along the road, and found a thousand dollars under a brick, just got it, Xu Guangzu had already chased him, Su Ming didn't say anything, just followed him It looked like it was split in the middle and handed him five hundred yuan.

"Nephew, look, this, your Uncle Xu was confused for a while, this..." Xu Guangzu took the money, and he didn't know what to say. Here, how he discovered this.

"If you want to be unknown, you have to do nothing. Uncle Xu, we trust you, and you have to be worthy of our trust." Su Ming patted him on the shoulder, raised the money in his hand, and left Xu Guangzu There, his face was as white as snow, and he was muttering to himself, not knowing what he was talking about.


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