Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 39: After Divorce, Being a Stranger

"Good, girl, since you have decided, grandpa respects your decision."

The old master stretched out his hand and tremblingly pointed to a cabinet not far away, "The cabinet on the right has a drawer at the bottom, there is a password box inside, you take it out."


Nan Xi walked over and carefully took out the password box from the cabinet, then hugged it to her grandfather.

"Grandpa, do you still remember the password?"

"The password is Grandma's birthday."

"Grandma?" For this title, Nan Xi was unfamiliar, and this memory was also blank for her.

This was because when she entered the Lu family, Grandma had already passed away due to illness.

"See Shen remembers, go find him and open it." The old master's pale voice reminded.

"Okay, thanks grandpa."

Holding the password box, Nan Xi went out of the door with trepidation.

At the door, it was empty.

Lu Jianxuan seemed to have already left.

Nan Xi was about to give him a call when suddenly, another wave of nausea hit her.

After vomiting, her entire body was weak and limp, and her whole body almost didn't even have any strength left.

Holding the password box, she stumbled all the way back to her room and lay on the sofa.

Taking out her cell phone, she called Lu Jianxuan, and that side was on the line.

She put down her cell phone, her eyes staring blankly at the password box in front of her, and in that instant, a very unashamed thought suddenly surfaced in her mind.

What if?

If she told Lu Jian Shen that Grandpa didn't agree with their divorce.

Or if she said that she hadn't gotten the documents at all, then wouldn't she and he have to divorce?

If Fang Qinglian had left in a fit of rage.

Wouldn't he and she be able to go back to the old days, to a time when no one bothered them.

When the baby was born, they would also be the happiest family of three, wouldn't they?

Just then, suddenly, the door was opened.

Nanxi immediately put the password box behind her and hid it.

Lu Jianxuan walked over in his suit, straightening up, and stood in front of her.

"Finished chatting?" He asked, his voice so low that it didn't have a single rise or fall.

Nanxi smelled the cigarette odor on him and couldn't help but frown, "You smoked?"

"Well, smoked a little, how was the chat with grandpa, did he agree?"


Nan Xi subconsciously shook her head.

"I'll go talk to grandpa."

"Wait." Nan Xi called out to him, "Do you regret marrying me?"

"There's no such thing as regretting, not regretting, it was all the best choice at that time."

His face was clear and cold, even when he said these words, his tone was the same as usual.

But those eyes, again, were clearly deep as a pool.

Nan Xi felt that she couldn't see through him.

"After the divorce, will we still be able to meet, will we still be able to eat together, will we still be like old friends?" Nan Xi suddenly looked into his eyes and asked him seriously.

Lu Jian Shen reached out and rubbed her hair, "What does the little head think about all day long, it's just that after the divorce you're no longer a husband and wife, you're still grandpa's favorite granddaughter, and you're still a member of the Lu family."

"Lu family member?"

"Well, grandpa originally intended to accept you as his granddaughter, only later you married me and logically became his granddaughter-in-law. Even after the divorce, when the family gets together, we still eat at the same table and still talk, as for friends"

Frozen for a moment, he continued, "I won't take you as a friend."

Nanxi had just clenched her palms when she heard his voice again, "Be a sister, to be able to care for you and protect you."



Nan Xi did not expect, two years of marriage, in the end, she got a "sister" name.

The heart is just like that.

Lu Jianxuan, you are too cruel.

She never wanted to be his friend, and she hated this so-called "sister".

It was simply ridiculous and ironic.

"No need, Lu Jian Shen, after the divorce, I hope we can act like we've never met before, and when we see each other again in the future, you won't recognize me, and I won't recognize you." Nan Xi gritted her teeth and held back the huge heartache to speak.

In her heart, even being a stranger was better than being this whatever sister.

As for friends, she was even less rare.

People who had truly loved could not be friends.

"Nanxi, do you have to be so desperate? Even if we get divorced, you're still Grandpa's favorite granddaughter." Lu Jianxuan frowned very, very deeply.

Nanxi smiled, "You also said, that's between me and grandpa, I'll deal with it alone with grandpa, of course I'll still be grandpa's granddaughter, however, me and you, will no longer have anything to do with each other."

"As for the sister you mentioned, it's not necessary, if I were Fang Qinglian, I wouldn't want an ex-wife as a sister."

After saying that, Nan Xi took out the password box from behind her and handed it to Lu Jian Shen.

"What's this?"

"Grandpa is not very agreeable, but he said he respects my decision, our documents are all inside, and Grandpa said the password is Grandma's birthday, you know."

Lu Jian Shen took the password box, his mood suddenly became low.

Grandma's birthday, of course he knew.

Because the day Grandma died, it was also her birthday.

In his eyes, grandma and grandpa have always been husband and wife, a lifetime of love, but to attend any occasion are husband and wife a heart, especially later in age, grandma's health is not good, no matter where to go, grandpa will hold grandma's hand tightly.

When he was young, grandpa started his own business, and grandma accompanied him to start a business from scratch, working very hard in the morning and in the evening.

Later, Grandpa succeeded in his business and his career prospered, and his life finally improved.

But within a few days of the good life, grandma found out a lot of diseases.

Some of them were chronic diseases, very torturous.

When he was young, the sentence he heard most from his grandfather was, "See deep be good, don't make grandma angry, or grandpa will beat someone up."

And it was indeed like that.

He remembered one time, he was so tired that he fell asleep on Grandma's lap for a few hours.

But it was a rainy day, and grandma's rheumatism was offending, and her back and legs ached, which was very torturous.

In order not to disturb his sleep, he insisted for a few hours.

Later, Grandma's legs hurt for a whole month, and she moaned every night, unable to sleep at all.

Grandpa punished him the next day by standing for a whole day, and he was not allowed to eat for a day.

As far as I can remember, that was the first time Grandpa punished him like that.

No one dared to persuade, but later or grandma knew, angry, grandpa did not continue to punish.

At that time, he was small and did not know much.

But now, he understood the depth of love of grandparents, but grandma has long gone.

Seeing Lu Jianxuan's eyes reddened, Nanxi said with concern: "What's wrong? I've never heard you guys mention grandma, is there something wrong?"

"Because I'm afraid that grandpa will be sad, so no one in the entire family anyone dares to mention it."

When he said that, Nan Xi didn't dare to ask more questions.

Looking at the password box, she asked, "Then do you remember this password? If you remember it, open it!"


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