Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 38 Grandfather Agrees to Their Divorce

Lu See-shen nodded, "Good."

His voice, calm as usual, didn't seem to have the slightest bit of reluctance.

"What about the documents? And Grandpa's place, have you thought about it all?"

Nanxi nodded, "I'll go talk to grandpa in a while, I'll ask him to give it to me. Do you want to go there with me?"

"Uh, together."

After breakfast, they each brought their own things and got in the car to go to the Lu family's old mansion.

Seeing them, Uncle Zhou and Sister-in-Law Zhou were both very happy, "Young Lady, the old man has been chattering about this for the past two days, I didn't expect you to come back so soon."

"Uncle Zhou, where is grandpa?"

"The old master is upstairs reading a book."

Nan Xi and Lu Jian Shen went to the second floor together, and when they reached the door, Nan Xi looked at him, "I'll go in first and talk to grandpa, and when he agrees and I get the documents, you can come back."


When Nan Xi went in, she found that the room was dark.

The entire room was dim, the curtains were closed tightly, and only a lamp at the head of the bed was on, revealing a faint bright light.

For some reason, a trace of bad premonition flashed through her heart.


"Grandpa, I'm Xixi, I'm here."

After shouting several times in a row, Nan Xi didn't hear a response.

It wasn't until she walked to the bedside that Nan Xi realized that Grandpa was lying on the bed and was sleeping with his eyes closed.

Nan Xi didn't want to disturb him, so she turned around and prepared to leave silently, waiting outside for him to wake up.

Who knew that just as she turned around, Grandpa Lu's old voice rang out, "Girl, is that you coming?"

Nan Xi immediately turned around and held his hand, "It's me, Grandpa, did you sleep well?"

"These days, I've been groggy and sleeping, it's almost time, you help me up and walk around, it's time to wake up."

"Okay, grandpa."

After Elder Lu got up, Nan Xi put on his jacket, then helped him sit on the sofa next to him.

Outside the window, it suddenly rained lightly, pattering.

The sound of the fine rain falling leaves was transmitted into the house through the window, gently, and actually made people feel very stable.

Nanxi immediately turned off the lamp next to the bed and opened the curtains.

In an instant, the entire room became bright, and the old man smiled and exclaimed, "It's still a good world outside!"

"Grandpa, when you get well, no matter where you want to go, we will accompany you."

"Good, then grandpa is blessed."

"Grandpa, let me make you some tea, what kind of tea do you want to drink?"

"Dragon Well."


Nan Xi looked at a whole set of tea making tools and methodically made tea, every step, every action, she strived for perfection.

When it came to making tea, at first, she knew nothing about it.

Now this tea making technique, or Lu Jian Shen hand in hand to teach her.

It was a pity that the technique was learned, but the essence was still a hundred thousand miles away.

After making the tea, Nanxi handed one of the cups to Elder Lu and kept a cup for herself.

Because of the rain, the temperature dropped quite a bit, Nanxi held the cup of tea, the smoke, the hot air was quickly blown away by the wind.

Soon, the temperature of the tea was already the most suitable for entrance.

"Grandpa, it's ready to drink, you taste it."

The old man took a sip and nodded with a smile, "Not bad, the tea brewed by the girl is very much to grandpa's liking."

"Grandpa, in fact, I know that my tea making skills are average, it's just that you've been pampering me and always praising me." Nan Xi smiled embarrassedly.

"What does that matter, if grandpa likes it, they all have to like it."

"Grandpa, you're so bossy." Nan Xi smiled brightly.

Ridiculously smiling, her heart went cold.

Grandpa did love her, loved her.

But what to do?

Lu Jianxuan happened to be the exception.

He did not love her.

To this day, there was no way for her to continue deceiving herself.

Suddenly tilting her head, Nan Xi drank all the tea in one gulp.


She felt so bitter.

Of course the tea wasn't bitter, but her heart was.

"Girl, did you encounter something? Tell grandpa about it." The old man was sensitive enough to notice that something was wrong with her.

Nan Xi put down her teacup, she sat on the floor and leaned her head on the old master's leg, her soft voice, like a kitten, "Grandpa, I want to ask you a question, can you tell me truthfully? I want to know a truth."

The old master's eyebrows jumped, he seemed to have guessed something.

"Girl, you ask."

"Grandpa, when See Deep married me, was it really willingly?"

Just as she opened her mouth, her tears flowed uncontrollably, "Grandpa, Fang Qinglian told me that See Deep married me in order to save her, tell me, did she lie to me?"

The old master lovingly touched Nan Xi's hair, sighed deeply, his pale voice, slowly said.

"Xixi, in the beginning, it was indeed Grandpa who threatened See Deep and forced him to marry you."

"In these two years, every time you guys went home, you held hands and acted as if you were married to each other, but grandpa knew that you guys were doing it for me."

"During this period of time, grandpa has also been wondering if I've really done wrong, if the person you married wasn't See Shen, you might have lived a happier and more joyful life, it was grandpa's selfishness that harmed you!"

Nan Xi got up, looked at the old man and shook her head vigorously, "No, grandpa, Xi Xi never blamed you, I just want to know a truth, I don't want to live in a good lie all the time."

"Grandpa, thank you, if it wasn't for you, maybe he and I wouldn't have even had these two years of marriage, we wouldn't have eaten together, ridden in the car together, slept together, and the chances of even saying a word might have been slim to none."

"Two years isn't a long time, but I'm already satisfied, I've been able to stay with him and watch over him day and night for these two years. Maybe he and I really are destined to be together, so Grandpa, I'm tired and I want to let go."

Although it was expected, the old man was still very sighing and very sad when he heard these words.

"Xixi ah!" The old master's slightly rough hand grabbed Nan Xi's hand, "You've really thought about it."

"Uh-huh." Nanxi nodded her head.

Then, she raised her head and gave the old master a bright smile, saying with great certainty, "Yes, grandpa, I've thought it over."

"Instead of holding on to the remnants of my thoughts and waiting bitterly, why don't I let these two years become a beautiful memory, although it's not enough to go hand in hand until I grow old, but to be his wife for two years, and to spend this period of time with my beloved, I'm already very lucky."

"Girl," the old man was too moved, his already cloudy eyes almost glistening with tears.

Nan Xi couldn't bear it either, but she knew that there was no turning back once something started.

Though reluctant.

Although sad.

However, since she had already opened her mouth, she couldn't afford to be soft, and had to be ruthless and persevere.

"This way, grandpa will give you another ten minutes, you think it over again okay?" The old man cried, tears falling uncontrollably along the fine lines on his face.

Nan Xi also cried, she reached out and dried the tears on the old man's face.

Then ruthlessly, "Grandpa, there's no need, I've thought it over very clearly, I've decided to let go and fulfill his freedom."


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