Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 37 Going through Divorce Procedures

Nanxi finished and looked at him with wide eyes.

She wasn't lying, she really wanted him to send it.

Lu Jianxuan seemed to be a little surprised, but quickly recovered as usual, reaching out to rub her hair, his soft voice like coaxing a child, "Don't be capricious, I'll come home to accompany you at night."

"Good." Nan Xi nodded, "Then let Lin Night send it."

She didn't ask again, nor did she make any noise.

She was really well-behaved, so well-behaved that she didn't say a single word of resistance.

Lin Xiao quickly sent Nan Xi to her home, but he didn't know that Nan Xi didn't even go in the door, and just after he left, she took a car and left.

Nanxi went to "meet".

Nanxi went to "Meet", a bar owned by Huo Siyan, which she had visited twice before with Lu Jianxin.

Inside is very big, the layout and decoration are her favorite style, more importantly, this place is not as noisy as the bar, but very quiet.

The stage often had people performing, accompanied by guitars or pianos, singing some gentle songs, all of which she liked.

Nanxi found a place closest to the stage, she sat there, her gentle little face immersed in the soft light, one hand propped up on her chin, quietly listening to the music.

She didn't know what she was going to do, but she just didn't want to go back.

She wasn't a canary, so why should she listen to him obediently.

Why should she obediently return to her cage if he told her to go home.

After drinking two cups of hot water, Nan Xi lay down on the table, sleep coming on, feeling more and more groggy.

I don't know if it was too quiet there, or she was too tired, this lying down, she fell straight to sleep.

When Lu Jian Shen came home, he found that the room was all dark, and not a single light was on.

He turned on the lights in the living room, and then searched the room without finding Nan Xi's figure.

Finally frowning, he called the phone.

What he heard was, "Hello, the number you have dialed is off, please dial again later."

He immediately called Lin Night's number: "You better give me an explanation, where is she, Nanxi?"

"Mr. Lu, is the young lady not at home? I personally sent her back home."

"I've searched the entire home, inside and out, and there's not even a single figure." Lu Jian Shen's tone was almost a wave of anger.

"Mr. Lu, don't be anxious, I'll immediately order someone to look for them."

Nanxi didn't remember how long she had been lying on the table until someone pushed her and woke her up.

Only then did she open her bleary eyes and look sleepily at the person in front of her, "Ah, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry miss, our store is closed."

"Closed?" Nan Xi looked at him doubtfully, "I remember that Huo Si Yan said that this store is obviously open twenty-four hours ah!"

That boss reacted very quickly and immediately said, "Right, right, miss, you continue to sleep, call me anytime you need me."

Their store had indeed been open twenty-four hours before, and had only recently changed its hours.

Anyone who could know their store so well, and know that the big boss behind it was Mr. Huo, and could call Mr. Huo by his name, was definitely not ordinary.

Thinking of this, that boss immediately gave Huo Si Yan a call, "Mr. Huo, you have a friend in the store, it looks like she's in a very bad state, do you want to come for a bit."

"My friend?" Huo Siyan wonders.

This clear bar, very few people go there, his friends all go straight to the bar, how could they go there.

"You send me a picture."

"Okay Mr. Huo, you wait a moment."

When the photo was received on WeChat, Huo Si Yan immediately stared at it, almost unbelievably.

Luckily, he was nearby, ten minutes away.

When he was sure that the person lying on the table was indeed Nan Xi, he immediately called Lu Jian Shen: "Your wife is here with me?"

"What?" Lu Jianxuan was also incredulous.

"Not the bar, at the meet."

"You watch her, I'll be right over."

When Lu Jian Shen arrived, Nanxi was still sleeping on the table, looking like she was still sleeping rather heavily.

Huo Siyan was sitting on the other side of the table, when he saw him coming, he directly walked up, "Chat."

"No time, next time." Lu Jianxuan refused simply and directly. Put

He walked to Nanxi, bent down, and directly took her whole body in his arms.

Seemingly feeling the warmth and generosity, coupled with the heavy sleep, Nanxi didn't open her eyes, only slightly moving her body, she quickly found a comfortable position in Lu Jianxuan's arms and fell asleep.

When she went out from the door, because it was late at night, it was already a bit cold outside.

The wind was blowing coolly.

Lu Jian Shen took off his jacket and put it on Nan Xi.

Back home, it was already early morning.

Lu Jian Shen had just put Nan Xi towards the bed, but she was like a pet, not letting go of his neck at all, still holding him tightly.

"Lu Jian Shen."

"Huh?" He immediately responded, still thinking Nan Xi was calling him.

"Lu Jian Shen, big asshole, your legs go weak when you see that woman."

"Badass, why do you want a divorce."

"You know what? Actually I don't want it at all."

Before she could finish the latter words, Nanxi fell asleep again.

Only then did Lu Jianxuan get off her arm and set her down on the bed.

Touching the soft bed, Nanxi rolled over.

It was also this roll over that allowed Lu Jian Shen to see the wound on her ear at a glance, and although it had already scabbed over, the red blood on the scar was still visible at a glance.

A few days ago she was clearly wearing earrings, her earlobes were tender and white, small and cute.

When did she get injured?

How could he not know.

After smearing some medicine on her ears, Lu Jianxuan finished his bath and lay down next to her.

The next day, when Nan Xi woke up, she saw Lu Jian Shen next to her at a glance.

For a long, long time, her entire body was in a daze.

She remembered that yesterday, she seemed to go to the "meet", and then do not know how, fell asleep there.

How come she woke up at home today?

Nanxi took a shower, changed her clothes and came out, Lu Jianxuan happened to wake up.

"That, you quickly go wash up, come down later I have something to say to you." Nanxi took the initiative to open her mouth.


Lu Jian Shen nodded his head, his attitude was as light as ever, and it seemed that he couldn't feel the slightest rise and fall of his emotions.

Nan Xi went downstairs first, she prepared the divorce agreement, ID card, and some of the required information, she should have divorced long ago, but it was delayed for a few days.

After finishing these, she looked down at the ring on her hand.

The words Fang Qinglian said that day still appeared uncontrollably in her mind, "Nanxi, the ring was customized for me by Jian Shen himself, it's all in my size, of course it's small for you to wear."

Lu Jianxuan wore a black shirt, since he had been married for so long, he usually wore a white shirt or a blue one, this black one was simply rare.

But it was undeniable that no matter which color shirt he wore, he couldn't stop his charm and looks.

After breakfast, Nan Xi put the ring in front of Lu Jian Shen and asked him, "Do you know what size the ring on my hand is?"

"Number 10."

His answer simply came out of his mouth without any thought at all.

Nan Xi smiled.

She quietly put her hand under the table, then used all the strength in her body to remove that ring.

When she took it off, her hand, which had broken the skin, quickly became red and swollen.

However, she felt no pain.

It was her heart that hurt the most.

She used her other hand to hold the ring, and then put all the prepared information in front of Lu Jian Shen: "At two o'clock in the afternoon, let's go and do the divorce formalities!"


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