Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 50

After the concubine got dressed, the clothes were already wrinkled. Fortunately, the ground was clean enough without any dirt, but even so, she couldn't go down. Su Ming found out after asking that Yang Guang was still waiting below, saying If you don't like him, you won't come up.

"Let's wait a little longer. If it gets later, you won't be able to see anything." Su Ming had no choice but to comfort her. There is no way to do this. Go there and buy her a dress that is exactly the same at this time.

Su Ming threw the two fake snakes far away before allowing the concubine to sit down. Only then did Su Ming notice that the concubine brought a bag when she came.

"This is the bonus that Uncle Chen asked me to give you. It is 2,000 yuan. This is a certificate of meritorious service issued to you by the Public Security Bureau. If someone from the public security department makes things difficult for you, it will be useful if you take this out."

Seeing that he ran all the way here just for these two things, and almost committed a heinous crime, Su Ming felt that it was really worthless. After the concubine finished talking, she didn't know what to say. It was the second time we met, and we were almost at the last step, and both of them were a bit at a loss as to what to do.

Especially Su Ming, there is Tang Lihua in the middle, you have to be responsible for this side, you have to let down the other side, but basically even if you own someone else, you have to be responsible, Su Ming also has a headache Extremely, don't know what to do.

After the two sat silently for a long time, the concubine suddenly stood up: "I have to go, by the way, Uncle Chen said that it is not suitable for you to meet him publicly now, if there is anything he asked you to contact me, I will His name is Chen Feiya, and his phone number is XXX167."

"I see, um, I'm really sorry today, I'm sorry." Before Su Ming could finish speaking, the little concubine let out a sigh, turned around and rushed out of the room, Su Ming sighed, and slowly sat down on the floor.

Early the next morning, Su Ming packed up his things and left Chuanping disheartened. It can be said that the gain outweighed the loss in coming to Chuanping this time. Just for these two things, he owed Nuoda a huge debt. Su Ming really regretted it.

Although the creditor didn't say that he would ask for it, this thing is like a time bomb, which may explode at any time. How could Su Ming not be worried? Tang Lihua had just left for a few days.

I can't help but think that it's Tang Lihua and Chen Feiya who appear in front of me at the same time, what should I do then, in the end Su Ming panicked and spent all his time on training, except eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom , is to practice and practice.

Su Ming didn't care about anything, after practicing like this for a period of time, Su Ming suddenly completed the first stage of the spiritual power training method without knowing it, and was entering the second stage of practice.

With the progress in this area, Su Ming's attention was attracted. Su Ming went to the mold factory again to modify the remaining machine tools. Except for the two large-scale machines, Su Ming couldn't modify them. All went well.

The accuracy has increased by 30%, and the speed has increased by 40%. An electrician came over and checked to see if there was another wire pulled.

Although the value is only increased by 30%, in essence, for these mechanical processing equipment, if the accuracy is increased by 10%, the price of the equipment will double, let alone increase by 30%.

Now even Su Ming's father felt something strange. His own son still didn't understand. He didn't have this talent. If you say that he can study well, his hands-on ability is not so strong. If this machine tool is so easy to modify, The original factory had been remodeled and sold at a high price, so he called Su Ming to question him.

"Dad, didn't you see that my son stayed up all night and all night? I have been thinking about it since I contracted this factory. I encountered technical difficulties a while ago, and I went to ask experts in the provincial capital for advice. Don't doubt you. The IQ of the son is not good." Su Ming made a helpless expression, as if he was distressed by his father's suspicion, but he was constantly organizing rumors in his heart.

"Really, brat, you didn't even say a word when you ran to the provincial capital. Your wings are really stiff. If you go out and tell your mother, it will always make your mother worry." Su Ziqiang didn't pursue it to the end, and when he turned around, he thought of Su Ming. After running so far without even saying a word, Su Ming changed the topic beautifully.

"Director Xiao Su, wait a minute, here is a problem for me to help solve!" Su Ming was about to leave on his motorcycle when he was suddenly stopped by a teacher named Huang who was Su Ming's fanatical admiration. The author identified Su Ming as a mechanical genius.

"This is the sample component that Director Xu brought over. We made more than a dozen of them and they were useless. You can see if you can make one or give us some guidance." When Su Ming stopped, Master Huang brought one over. The mechanical kit was handed over to Su Ming. This is probably a linkage mechanism, and the joints are the ones that fit together.

"Isn't this quite simple? Are you careless?" Su Ming twisted it a few times in his hand, thinking that it should not be a problem technically for them, how to make a dozen waste products? .

The high scrap rate has always been a common problem of state-owned enterprises. What does it have to do with our workers to waste materials and affect costs? Anyway, the extra money won’t fall on us, but the molds require high precision. Driving away those young people is not lack of skills, the key is not to be careful, the remaining masters are still relatively good, after Xu and Su contracted it, they formulated reward and punishment measures in this area, which reduced the scrap rate by half at once. Even more, you can think about how careless they were in their work before.

"This time we made it completely according to the measurement standard. There is nothing wrong with it, but what we made just couldn't be applied. It's very strange."

There is no hidden mechanism on it, how could it still be made and cannot be put on? Su Ming looked at it with his perspective ability, and just after looking over it, the mechanical voice sounded again: "I found a seventh-level mechanical component, is it right?" Do manufacturing analysis?"

After Su Ming chose yes, the voice quickly rang out: "The manufacturing difficulty is at the bend at the joint point, and the thickness must be 17.573XX." After knowing the main problem, he got out of the car and found the dozen or so scrap products. One measurement, none of the dozen or so qualified at this point, the best one is 0.1mm short, but with this 0.1mm difference, it can't be put on.

"Bosses, can't you measure a few more points? Otherwise, you won't make so many waste products." Su Ming really has no way to deal with these people. The problem that can be solved by measuring a few more points, they just want to use their eyes and As soon as the experience is judged, they will start, thinking that this is enough to be skilled. These problems have been said to them many times.


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