Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 49

Su Ming shrank his head when he was frightened. Fortunately, he ran a few steps earlier, otherwise he might turn into coke. If he continued to stay there to hide from the rain, he would not even know how he died.

Su Ming didn't even go to Chuanping, and ran all the way back to Pingyang. Among other things, even with these things, he couldn't run around. When picking up the bag, Su Ming secretly opened a gap to take a look, mom Yes, the things inside are green and white, which can scare people to death.

After putting these things in the garage, Su Ming's heart was still beating uncomfortably. These things seemed to be of great value. Inside the bags were all blue and white porcelain with pure color and luster.

It still has a strong earthy smell on it, combined with the performance of those people just now, it can be seen that it has just been dug out of the soil, Su Ming didn't dare to add more auspiciousness, glanced at it in a hurry, and quickly tied up the bag.

Su Ming stayed at home for another day, and then went to contact Chen Minglu, but Chen Minglu told him to come back a few days later. There was a big case in Xiangyu City, a tomb of King Zhou of the Song Dynasty was stolen, and he wanted to go there.

As soon as Su Ming heard it, he thought of the few pieces of porcelain he got. Could it be that they were unearthed from the tomb of the king of Zhou? Be careful. The ones from the Song Dynasty were also dug out from the tomb of the prince. Any one of them is a national treasure. A level cultural relic, and was caught to be beheaded.

But if you want Su Ming to hand them over, that would be impossible. Everyone knows that the value of this thing is immeasurable. "Antiques are hidden in prosperous times, and gold is hidden in troubled times." Who in Xiangning doesn't know how to collect some antiques.

After waiting for a few more days, Su Ming received a notice from Chen Minglu asking him to go there. This time, Su Ming will not ride a motorcycle again. This thing can make people tired to death after riding for several hours, and people who are blown by the wind are particularly uncomfortable. .

According to Chen Minglu's arrangement, Su Ming stayed at Chuanping's Yuanyuan Hotel, and then waited for Chen Minglu's arrival with peace of mind, but when he waited until the afternoon, no one came over. Take a break, and then come back and wait.

After telling the waiter that someone came to look for him, Su Ming asked him to wait here. Su Ming walked along the street and found a peddler in front of him. He had put a lot of things on the ground, and many people were pointing around there. .

Wouldn't it be a lie again? Su Ming originally planned not to join in the fun, but when he saw someone coming out with a snake in his hand, he acted as if nothing had happened.

What is this, a snake seller? After all, the young man was curious, so Su Ming squeezed past him, and realized after a look that the peddler was selling snakes, but they were all fake snakes, and they were so lifelike that they looked like real ones.

Su Ming bought two with the money, one big and one small and went back to the hotel, startled the waiter, threw away the thermos, Su Ming scratched his head embarrassedly, took out five dollars to accompany them people.

These two snakes are only five yuan. What a loss, Su Ming threw them on the sofa and ignored them. Seeing that it was getting late and no one came over, Su Ming was about to go down to eat when the door suddenly opened , walked into a girl in a pink dress.

"Aren't you..." Su Ming pointed impolitely at the person for a long time, just looking familiar, it was as clear as engraved in his mind, but he just couldn't remember who it was.

"Uncle Chen asked me to come." As soon as the other party spoke, Su Ming recognized that it was the policewoman named Xiaofei. The image of the police uniform in his mind was too vivid, so he suddenly changed into casual clothes. Su Ming was stunned. Can't remember.

"Why are you here? Sit down quickly." Su Ming never thought that Chen Minglu would send her over, and bewilderedly beckoned her to sit down. With a scream, he jumped onto Su Ming's body. Su Ming was completely unprepared and fell to the ground, but he played the role of a meat pad for a while.

Seeing the shy and charming face in front of her eyes, her two beautiful eyes are tightly closed, her long slightly curved eyelashes are trembling constantly, her complexion is like a transparent white jade, and the depths are outward again. It was pink, and a fragrance of Ruoxin Ruolan constantly stimulated Su Ming's body reaction. Su Ming was dazed, and he hugged her tightly with his hands involuntarily. At the same time, he opened his big mouth to cover the two cherry lips. above.

"Uh, uh..." The other party resisted strongly, but Su Ming's body was firmly restrained, and the range of motion of the head alone could not avoid Su Ming's sucking. After feeling the struggle, Su Ming moved his body even more With a turn, he pressed on the opponent's delicate body.

Now she couldn't resist anymore, the two cherry lips and the two rows of jade teeth fell one by one, and a snake-like flexible flesh column squeezed in, which disturbed her. Get entangled with each other.

Su Ming, who has tasted the taste, naturally knows how to follow the steps step by step to remove the obstacles on the other party, but as soon as he let go, the other party desperately pushes him away, and he hugs him tightly again, over and over again Afterwards, he finally undid two buttons on the opponent's chest, revealing the firmness of the two youthful spirits. Su Ming let go of the top, and moved his mouth to the bottom to suck.

As soon as Su Ming let go of the upper part, the fresh air rushed in, and the little concubine came over clearly. Just as she was about to reach out and push Su Ming away, the sensitive part below was caught by Su Ming again. dizzy.

Su Ming is so easy to be satisfied, the goal gradually moves down, and slowly, a delicate, delicate and white body is naked on Su Ming's body, when Su Ming stabs slowly, through the pain, Xiao The concubine finally came to her senses, shrinking her body quickly, and escaped Su Ming's assassination.

"Wow..." Looking at the few drops of bright red blood below, the little concubine burst into tears. The concubine pushed it away.

"You...repay me..." Looking at Su Ming's naked and ugly appearance, the concubine's face wrinkled into a ball, and at the end she finally choked out a sentence. After she finished speaking, she knew she was wrong, and wow burst into tears.

Su Ming hugged her hastily, coaxing her to drink milk soup with sweet words, while swearing and swearing. At this time, Su Ming couldn't care about the five-year agreement anymore, he was fascinated by the beauty, A big mistake has been made, and the responsibility must be taken.

Su Ming also forgot whether he went in or not, and the little concubine naturally didn't remember, but the blood on the ground was ironclad evidence, which Su Ming could not deny.


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