Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 48

Su Ming poured two basins of cold water and put them beside him. After a while, he put his head inside to calm down. He managed to find a way. For two or three days in a row, Su Ming stayed at home and practiced this mental power training method. At the same time, it is accompanied by the three-stage body training method.

Three days later, Su Ming felt full of energy, and his body seemed to have taken stimulants. After a trial, his mental strength was still not enough to start the transformation, but after waiting for a while, coupled with the increased hunger, he really The transformation can be started.

Su Ming remodeled a slightly larger machine tool. Although it was only half of the remodel and could not last, the effect was still highly praised by the master, saying it was even better than that one, which indirectly proved Su Ming's modification technology is still immature, and is still in the stage of research and improvement.

After Su Ming returned home, he began to practice hard again. When he practiced until midnight, he suddenly felt a cool feeling slowly gathered from the surroundings to the center of the brain, and then formed a mass of air in the brain, which swelled , squeezed, there was a feeling of urgency, especially when there was a gap between Su Ming's eyebrows, and the air mass kept hitting the defense line over there, trying to erupt from there.

Su Ming hurried down and came to the side of the motorcycle. As soon as he approached, a voice sounded: "The mental power has reached the initialization condition, whether to establish a permanent connection channel, and whether to start the initialization immediately."

Su Ming quickly chose yes, because the air mass was about to rush outside. With the establishment of the permanent connection channel, Su Ming felt that he and the motorcycle were connected as one. Can feel the motorcycle parked there.

"Initialization is complete, the shock beam has been turned on, and it can be used at any time." Next to the detection beam, there is another knob. Su Ming looked at it, it was late at night, and it is better not to experiment, in case the movement is too loud, it will attract others Paying attention is bad.

During the daytime, Su Ming found an empty and uninhabited place. After the experiment, he was shocked by the result. When the shock wave was sent out, he would automatically ask about the strength of the impulse. Su Ming didn’t dare to choose too much, so he chose a compromise of six, and the result was The small tree in front of him was peeled off in a flash, and the whole circle of bark was peeled off.

All of a sudden, Su Ming was so frightened that he sweated. This shock wave can only be peeled. Su Ming tried again. This time he chose a strength of 2. The little tree was only pushed and shook a few times. Su Ming This is a little reassuring.

Su Ming tried one by one, and found that every time he added a number, the strength was almost doubled, but when Su Ming tried seven, the energy was not enough to push the launch, so Su Ming went to add a few hundred dollars more. Oil still doesn't work.

However, Su Ming was quite satisfied. With this attack method, he didn't have to worry about his safety to a large extent. If he couldn't do it, a shock wave would go over and skin the people, and see who would dare to do it.

Su Ming was so happy, he rode his motorcycle and rushed to Chuanping. He galloped crazily along the way, and the speed was never lower than 120 yards. All the drivers who were overtaken stared at this Jincheng Suzuki AX100. This man is crazy Well, the motorcycle is riding so fast, isn't it courting death?

There is a local saying called "Kick the dead", which refers to motorcycles. Compared with other means of transportation, motorcycles have the lowest safety factor, and there are no protective measures for their speed. Therefore, the local elderly see The young man ran so fast on a motorcycle that he would curse, "I really think death is slow, hurry to reincarnate."

Su Ming ran for four hours without seeing the shadow of Chuanping City, so he felt a little strange. His own speed is not inferior to the train. The train should arrive in more than three hours. Looking around, it is very strange A place, this is where it is.

After going to the side of the road to inquire, Su Ming realized that he had taken the wrong road at some point, and if he walked forward, he would arrive at Xiangyu City in the southeast of Chuanping.

Su Ming went to Chuanping several times by train. He thought he could go all the way south, but he didn’t expect to go to Xiangyu City. It would take tens of kilometers to turn back. Su Ming turned his head depressed, and was about to continue on the road. Suddenly a dark cloud flew over and covered the scorching sun.

At the same time, a gust of wind blew over with a fishy smell, which was a sign of an imminent shower. Su Ming hurriedly stepped on the gas, trying to escape from the range covered by the dark clouds before the rain came down.

But no matter how fast Su Ming ran, the rain still chased him up from behind. This is the wilderness, and there was nowhere to hide. Su Ming suddenly saw a grass shed by the roadside from a distance, and he rode his motorcycle directly rushed in.

With a "creak", Su Ming braked quickly and stopped at the door of the thatched shed. To Su Ming's surprise, there were seven or eight people hiding in a small thatched shed. No way.

"I'm sorry, can I go in a little bit?" Su Ming just finished speaking, suddenly felt that something was wrong. Although the seven or eight people inside were all dressed as peasants, they all had fierce eyes, and they looked like villains.

Besides tools such as shovels and hoes, there are several black bags beside them. I don’t know what they are filled with. Su Ming’s eyes are suddenly attracted by a duckbill shovel. This kind of thing seems to be the kind of grave robber’s shovel that others said. ?

The development of the entire Xiangning Province can be regarded as the development of half of the Chinese nation. The weight of history is vividly reflected here. One ancient tomb presses another ancient tomb, and there are ancient tombs inside the ancient tomb. If you hoe the ground and don't hoe bottles and cans, you'll be ashamed to see people.

Half of the country's tomb robbers are in Xiangning Province. This statement is absolutely not an exaggeration. In broad daylight, you can hear the sound of explosions in the wild. Don't be surprised at all. It's because the digging is really impossible, so explosives are used Yes, after you succeed, they will run away, and when you rush over, they will have already disappeared, so even if you find this situation, no one will take care of it.

Since people dare to do this, they are not afraid of being discovered, and they don't mind taking a few lives if they dare to stand up and uphold justice. The rampant tomb robber Su Ming has heard of it many times, but it is the first time he really saw it. Second-rate.

Seeing the gangsters surrounding him, Su Ming wanted to back up, but the motorcycle didn't have reverse gear, so he had to use his feet to back up. Seeing the other party getting closer and closer to him, Su Ming suddenly thought of the car he just developed. When the shock wave function came out, I immediately put my hand on the knob and pointed to the front.

"Multiple targets were found, please indicate whether to carry out an extended attack, and the strength." Su Ming didn't think about what the extended attack meant, and said a four, and at the same time pressed yes on his hand.

Suddenly, as if they had been hit by a train, they crashed through the wall directly from the hut and flew to the field, lying motionless in the mud one by one, not sure if they were dead or not.

Su Ming didn't bother to check their life and death, and wanted to leave the scene with the bags in hand. He hadn't run far when he saw a thunderbolt as thick as a bucket descending from the sky, hitting the grass shed, smashing the grass shed The explosion split into four, and the flames flew around, almost falling on Su Ming.


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