Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 46

"I don't care. If you don't go, I'll put the money in by myself. No one in our family is watching, and the profit and loss are decided by others." No matter what he said, Su Ziqiang refused to agree. The trump card came out, and it really worked.

"You...cough cough!" Su Ziqiang really fell for the trick, pointed at Su Ming, coughed for a long time, and finally calmed down. Finally, he reluctantly agreed, and at the same time expressed his worry: "What if I lose money?" ? What shall we give back to others?”

"What are you paying back? I earned all this money. They have already returned their money to others. There is nothing to worry about." Su Ziqiang was speechless after being taught by the facts. It didn't reach 10,000.

Originally, Su Ming wanted to go to Chuanping, but it was delayed because of this matter, but when he went to the mold factory for an on-site inspection, the motorcycle suddenly responded: "I found low-level mechanical manufacturing equipment, and the energy is not enough to transform, please provide energy , Didi Didi..."

After finishing speaking, the continuous sound of the alarm began. Looking at the oil-stained machine tools in front of him, Su Ming was moved. If these things can be modified, what will happen?

Increased precision? Or lower energy consumption? Or speed up? Or all upgrades, no matter what kind of increase, it is very useful, Su Ming can't restrain the urge to carry out transformation, but how to solve the problem of insufficient energy?

Oil? Or electricity? These are the two types that Su Ming thinks of. Electricity is a bit unrealistic. There is a small six-volt battery in the motorcycle. Su Ming thinks it should be useless, so let’s try adding it. Anyway, after adding it that time, After running for so many days, I haven't added it yet.

In order not to attract attention, Su Ming added ten yuan to a gas station, filled up more than a dozen gas stations, returned to the factory, asked someone to move a small machine tool into a small room, and said that he wanted to practice Craft, then pushed the motorcycle inside and aimed at the machine tool.

"I found low-level mechanical manufacturing equipment, do you want to modify it?" Then the selection button appeared in front of Su Ming, but after Su Ming pressed Yes, there was a new prompt: "The mental strength is not enough to start the modification process, please increase Mental power output."

Uh, the full expectation suddenly vanished. What kind of stuff is this spiritual power, Su Ming immediately pondered, but no matter how he thought, he couldn't figure out how to increase this spiritual power.

Su Ming rode on the motorcycle like this and kept concentrating on guiding and testing. Fortunately, everyone was busy with work and no one cared about him. Otherwise, he would have to ride a motorcycle alone in the house. Definitely treat him as a psycho.

"The level of mental strength has reached the requirement, the transformation process has started, please keep it!" Suddenly the voice sounded again, and then the machine tool began to creak.

"Gulu..." Su Ming's stomach suddenly rang, and the feeling of hunger surged up immediately, and then there was a sound: "Insufficient mental strength, the transformation is suspended."

No matter what Su Ming tried next, there was no effect, "The transformation cannot continue because of lack of mental strength." Su Ming was so angry that he wanted to smash this cold sentence all the time.

In the end, Su Ming came to a conclusion, it seemed that the feeling of hunger contributed to this success, but he was still hungry now, and it was worse than now, ****, why is this thing so weird, Su Ming hated it Hit the guy with his fist.

"The range of mental strength meets the needs, and the transformation starts again... The mental strength is insufficient, and the transformation is suspended." Accompanied by the severe pain in the hand, the transformation started again, but as soon as the pain disappeared, the transformation stopped immediately.

Su Ming immediately punched his fist again, but this time he was mentally prepared, and his body naturally showed a sense of protection. The force he used was not as strong as before, and it had no effect. When Su Ming smashed down again cruelly, The transformation started immediately, but then stopped.

Looking at his swollen right hand, Su Ming couldn't bear to try again. Now he knows that hunger and pain can enhance mental strength to a certain extent, but Su Ming doesn't know the specific situation, but Today is finally a little harvest.

"Hey, isn't the accuracy of this machine tool 3 meters (two beeps)? Why is it 1 meter?" Su Ming called a master craftsman over and asked him to try the machine tool. It was discovered that something was wrong. The accuracy of this old machine tool had been improved. The numbers on the scale were all worn out, and the accuracy could still be improved.

"I fiddled with it casually, what's the matter, is it useful?" Su Ming asked him pretending to be puzzled.

"Of course it is useful. For mechanical processing, precision is the most important thing. This precision is almost as good as the machine tool I just bought." The master craftsman was very surprised.

"How did you modify this?" The master inspected it again, but he didn't find that Su Ming had moved there, so he asked suddenly.

"I don't know, I messed with it casually." Su Ming pretended to be innocent, but how could he believe it, but he also knew that this must be his special skill, how could he teach himself? Also bought a new machine tool, the master had to leave angrily.

The master master quickly spread it to everyone, but with the excuse of keeping the technology secret, no one can do anything against Su Ming. Xu Guangzu had no choice but to beg Su Ming to modify all the equipment, but Su Ming temporarily refused because the experiment was not successful. Xu Guangzu Su Ming begged his grandpa to sue his grandma, but Su Ming didn't agree, and it was useless to promise. Su Ming himself didn't know what was going on.

Only then did Xu Guangzu realize how powerful Su Ming was. It turned out that he and his partner could not only invest capital, but also invest in technology. Fortunately, he could do nothing but 12,500 yuan. When the former client heard about it I contracted this myself, and I didn't even see him. If it can't be free, whoever will come.

Su Ming was about to leave for Chuanping. His mother suddenly fell ill, which delayed his trip again. Cai Xingjuan has always been in good health. Recently, I don’t know what’s going on. She always has a migraine. She didn't notice it, but she asked her because she kept covering her head in the past two days.

Su Ming took her to Pingyang Iron and Steel Workers' Hospital, Pingyang No. 1 People's Hospital, and Pingyang No. 3 People's Hospital, but they couldn't find out where the problem was. with any exceptions.

Finally, I came to Pingyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. There was an old man who was said to be very good at treating headaches. When I asked here, he said that the old man had retired and now opened a small clinic at home. It is in a Jiangjia alley not far from the hospital. .

After arriving here, Su Ming found out that this Dr. Xu was specialized in treating women with postpartum symptoms. No wonder all the people who came here were women. Only Su Ming, a young man, made Su Ming blush, but looking at this Dr. Xu, Among a group of Yingying and Yanyan, they can still maintain peace and stability.


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