Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 45

For Su Ming, the award of 3500 is not worth a trip at all, it is not enough money for the effort. With Su Ming's current net worth, it is worth a few yuan a minute, but Chen Minglu just refuses. Tell him how much money there is, but tell Su Ming to go there in the near future.

"Uncle Xu is here." As soon as Su Ming returned home that day, he saw that there was another person in the house. He was a friend of his father. How can I say that before? Since his father was dismissed as the workshop director, he basically never saw him again. him.

"Xiao Ming is back. It's a hot day. It must have been hard work." Xu Guangzu hurriedly stood up and smiled at Su Ming. Work inside.

"Little boy, why don't you take care of him, come, have a drink." Su Ziqiang pulled him down and filled him another cup. Su Ming saw that it was Du Kang, whom he respected him, who was always reluctant to drink. But he took it out and gave it to this guy to drink.

"Xiao Ming, sit down quickly, and help me persuade your father, he's a deadhead, and he doesn't know how to change things." Xu Guangzu didn't care about drinking, and hurriedly greeted Su Ming.

"What's wrong with my dad?" Su Mingxin said that my dad didn't know how to adapt, otherwise he would have kicked you out for your performance some time ago, and even drank our wine.

"The small mold factory in the factory is going to outsource the contract. I want to contract it with your father. Who knows that your father will not agree. You can use your brain to persuade him." Su Ming, the mold factory that Xu Guangzu said knew, was A small workshop in the factory is dedicated to processing molds for outsiders. Xu Guangzu is the director of the workshop.

"The stuff that loses money, if you don't lose money, the factory will contract it out. Lao Ye is not stupid. The contracting fee is so high, and more than 30 people have to be paid wages. No contract." Su Ziqiang shook his head vigorously, and his voice was firm. There is no room for negotiation.

"I told Lao Ye that except for the dozen or so old people who worked, all the younger ones would be returned to the factory. Otherwise, I would not contract the contract. Lao Ye has basically agreed." When Xu Guangzu said this He lowered his voice, as if he was shameless.

"That's not okay. We can make money from the game that loses money every year. That's such a good thing." Hearing that he doesn't have to pay the wages of the twenty or so young people who can't work, Su Ziqiang's attitude There was a little change.

"Who said you lost money? I don't know how many private jobs I take in a year. The money is all earned by other people. Why can't we earn it." Xu Guangzu's voice became even lower.

"Private work? What kind of private work?" Su Ziqiang asked immediately.

"Keep your voice down, you don't know, Lao Ye alone has to do private work worth tens of thousands of yuan a year, and the leader of the main factory writes a note. After a year, the private work alone costs tens of thousands of dollars. Some give money for materials, and some just do it for nothing, or you think it’s a loss.”

"Then it's contracted, what if they still come?" Su Ziqiang asked worriedly. Only then did he know why the mold factory seemed so busy and why it kept saying that it was losing money. It was because it had more people to support, but other workshops were also like this Bar.

"If you contract it, you will have to pay for it again. At most, it will be cheaper for them."

"I don't want to do that. It's better to go to work honestly and be safe." Su Ziqiang still has the same style of seeking stability.

"Uncle Xu, tell me, what is the rule of looking for my dad? Do you want my dad to do it for you or contract it together? How much is the contracting fee? How will you divide the money when the time comes?" Su Ming was very moved Interest, now he urgently needs to invest, invest, and reinvest, and he cannot use the money without investing it.

"You are much better than your father. After all, you are a college student, so your vision is different." Xu Guangzu said that Su Ming wanted to beat him up. Is it stronger than him? Isn't this causing our father and son to be at odds?

"Of course I want your dad to contract with me. The contract fee is 20,000 yuan. I have that money. I don't think your family is more relaxed. Your dad needs technology and skills, and he can manage people. Besides, your dad and For my relationship, if you don't ask your father to find someone, wouldn't it be just right for your father to take care of the inside and me to take care of the outside."

Xu Guangzu was quite considerate, but Su Ming sniffed secretly, who doesn't know how comfortable it is to go abroad, eat and drink, and how much money was paid when he came back, and no one will track it down. I'm doing it for you like an old scalper, you're having a good time outside.

"The contracting fee is not a problem. Isn't it only 10,000 yuan? I paid for my dad, but I have one condition. When my dad goes there, he only manages and doesn't work." Su Ming's father is also in his early forties. The work in the iron and steel factory is relatively heavy, and it has long been tired and showing signs of decline. It is not that there has been less work in recent years, and it has already fallen down. Speaking of this, Su Ming is really grateful to Ye Tianming, so Su Ming I want my father to relax and taste the taste of a laborer.

"Brat, it's your turn to make decisions for me. Stay cool and stay there. I don't know how old you are after earning two days of money."

"Old Su, you have taught a good son, like that boy in my family, who knows nothing but begging me for money to drink. If I want a filial son like you, I will wake up from my dreams." Xu Guangzu's words Su Ming has a white hair beside him, his father doesn't treat him very well, and he has no interest in being your son.

"Uncle Xu, let's go, I'll discuss it with my dad, and I'll give you an answer tomorrow." Su Ming was afraid that he would say something nasty again, so he hurriedly found an excuse to drive him away, but he didn't expect him to drag Su When Ming went outside, he whispered to Su Ming that for investment, in addition to the contract fee of 20,000 yuan, there would also be a benefit fee of 5,000 yuan from Ye Tianming.

No wonder Ye Tianming was so talkative. Those twenty or so workers were paid several thousand dollars a month, or sixty to seventy thousand dollars a year. Forget it, it was much cheaper.

It turns out that there is still such an operation. Five thousand yuan can be exchanged for an annual savings of sixty to seventy thousand. No matter how you look at this deal, it is cost-effective. For a while, a door in Su Ming's heart was slowly opened, and the embezzlement began. The pace of state-owned assets is also a stain that has been tainted by countless people in later generations.

Ye Tianming doesn't know how to settle bad debts, but why would he do this, because the tens of thousands of losses belong to the factory, while the 5,000 are his own. This is the difference, the transaction is not two parties, but a three-party transaction.

This business can be done, at least it can get such a big deal, and there are several large-scale equipment in the mold workshop. After sitting there, Su Ming began to persuade his father.d


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