Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 44

"Chang You? What do you want to know about him?" Su Ming wanted to find out what this Chang You was like, and the only choice was naturally Lan Tianyun, the head of the organization. Unexpectedly, as soon as Su Ming mentioned it, Lan Tianyun asked vigilantly.

"I think there is a conspiracy behind my being kicked out this time, and it's the ghost who often does it."

"That little girl messed with those guys from the training department. It should have nothing to do with Chang You. I only found out after the fact, so I didn't sign her paperwork."

"By the way, can you help me take a look at his usual complexion and see if there is any problem with his body? With him in the organization department, my life is also difficult." Lan Tianyun had nothing to hide from Su Ming, Often, it is the nails placed by the Mu faction in the Organization Department, which have a great impact on Lan Tianyun's work, but cadres of this level cannot get the control of the Standing Committee, and Lan Tianyun has nothing to do with him, so he has to ask for help from Su Ming's body.

"There is nothing wrong with his health, but he recently had a peach blossom disaster, which seems to be not easy." Su Ming could only talk nonsense. Anyway, the content in this recording is also a peach blossom disaster. He used his power to coerce women. Even he is having a hard time.

"Old Chang is so old, and his wife is very virtuous, there will be a peach blossom robbery? No way!" Lan Tianyun was a little disbelieving.

"Hehe, it should be soon, just these few days." Su Ming hasn't thought about how to make it public, but he wants to hurry up and solve this matter. He can't waste precious time on it all the time.

"Oh, then I'll have to wait and see." Getting rid of Chang You is more useful to Lan Tianyun himself than getting rid of Hong Anzhong. Otherwise, with his restraint in the organization department, Lan Tianyun wouldn't be able to fully control the organization department. .

Su Ming pretended to be profound and smiled. Lan Tianyun had no doubts about Su Ming's ability. Ordinarily, with his experience and experience, he shouldn't be so superstitious about Su Ming, but people are like this. What the other party said, it felt true.

Two or three days have passed, and Su Ming has not found a way to disclose the content of the recording, and there are many people who don't do it. There are often cadres of this level.

That day, Su Ming came to the municipal party committee compound early, planning to find a hidden place here, get a tape recorder there, and then broadcast it when there are many people, but it is easy to be exposed by such words.

At this time, all the office buildings began to file out, gathered on the front square, and started the unshakable seventh set of radio gymnastics time. This is the rule established in the Mu Peiyuan era. The sixth set of broadcast gymnastics replaced the sixth set of broadcast gymnastics to reflect itself, and did not veto this activity.

After everyone lined up, the sound of "The seventh set of radio gymnastics starts now..." began to sound from above the government building. Su Ming wanted to take this opportunity to go up to the top of the building to see how to place it properly. Is it convenient to escape.

Habitually, Su Ming first used the detection beam to detect whether there was anyone in the building, and when he suddenly detected the radio room, the mechanical voice sounded again: "A secondary analog audio device was found, do you want to make a remote connection?" The option appeared again in the In front of Su Ming, there are two buttons, red and blue.

Su Ming pressed Yes without hesitation, and then the voice rang again: "Would you like to transfer, or play directly?" Three buttons, red, blue and green, appeared in front of Su Ming. Su Ming thought for a while and chose to transfer. .

"Yuping, are you still going to lie to you? This entry also depends on the timing. Besides, you won't let me taste any sweetness, and I have no motivation to do things for you." The obscene voice came through the loudspeaker. When it reached everyone's ears, Chang Hetian Yuping in the crowd immediately changed his expression greatly.

The originally neat scene suddenly became chaotic. By the time someone remembered to stop the playback, most of the recorded content had already been played. When they ran to the radio room on the fifth floor, the playback had already finished and turned into the music of radio gymnastics At this time, Su Ming had quietly pushed onto the motorcycle and left here by virtue of the confusion.

Half an hour later, Su Ming received a call from Lan Tianyun. After returning, Lan Tianyun first asked where Su Ming was, and when he heard Su Ming answer that he was in the store, he excitedly said to Su Ming: "What you said came true. Just now, Lao Chang really made a big mess. Haha, the Standing Committee will be convened in a while. Now, Lao Chang has good fruit to eat."

"What happened?" Su Ming asked deliberately.

"It's just that peach blossom robbery. Lao Chang actually took this opportunity to blackmail Xiaotian and let Xiaotian go to bed with him. Let's not talk about it. I'm going to a meeting. I'll see you tonight, let's have a good chat." Lan Tianyun's deep voice He couldn't hide his excitement, and Su Ming could feel it through the phone.

When the two met in the evening, Lan Tianyun came up and told Su Ming the result of the treatment. Although there was support from the Mu faction, in the end, it was often the result of being dismissed from the disease, and Tian Yuping was still an intern. was directly expelled to the end.

The guys from the training department who came forward at that time were scolded by Lan Tianyun, and rushed to the deserted place of the party school to repent. They also knew that they offended the leader this time, and they didn't even dare to fart.

Lan Tianyun once again invited Su Ming to go back to work, but was rejected by Su Ming again because he was a good horse and would not give up. Through this trivial matter that Lan Tianyun thought very disapproving, one can imagine the darkness and insidiousness of the officialdom. Su Ming really didn't want to go there. A trembling life.

Give me freedom or give me death, that kind of cautious and careful life, Su Ming felt that it was not suitable for him. At the same time, Lan Tianyun revealed a new news to Su Ming, that is, Hong Anzhong officially escaped from the drug trafficking case, Hong Tianzheng's death Give him the best excuse, no matter how involved, at most one charge of lax discipline and dereliction of duty, he cannot be beaten to death with a stick, many neutral factions do not support holding him accountable, and the Mu faction is not willing to sacrifice such an important In the end, the agreement reached behind the scenes was that the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee was appointed by someone from the province.

Regardless of whether Mu Pai, Luo Pai, or Mi Pai failed to achieve their goals, they let others intervene again, and they are still the top-ranked secretary of the Political and Legal Committee.

Su Ming didn't pay attention to the changing situation at this level. Instead, Chen Minglu, the new secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, introduced him to give Su Ming time to visit. He is the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Justice and has a very good relationship with Chen Minglu.

Chen Minglu was also worried that Su Ming would be retaliated by Hong Anzhong, so he put two people on the line. In case Hong Anzhong made a move in politics and law, he would have a helping hand. He also notified Su Ming to go to Chuanping soon, and there would be a bonus for reporting. As for the specific amount, Chen Minglu sold a pass, but told Su Ming not to go directly to the Public Security Bureau to collect it when he arrived in Chuanping, but to call him and let him arrange it.


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