Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 43

If you make an organization minister hate you, the consequences can be imagined. Liu Jianxin doesn't know the story between Su Ming and Pan Yuanyue, but it doesn't mean that he won't use Pan Yuanyue as a scapegoat. This is what he was in charge of The scope of work, look at the disaster you caused, you dare to issue a notice without inquiring about the relationship before the punishment, you are looking for death and don't drag us.

Pan Yuanyue has only one thought at this time, and that is regret, an extremely strong regret, why did I act so quickly, can't I wait two more days to find out before I talk about it, yesterday I thought he had nothing to do with Minister Lan, today he will open Minister Lan's delivery car arrived. If this is not a relationship, then what is a relationship? Bureaucracy really kills people.

Holding the notice for a while and not knowing what to do, Liu Jianxin became angry: "Director Pan, why don't you hurry up and complete the procedures for others, don't you know what initiative and enthusiasm are?"

Then he immediately turned into a smiling face and said to Su Ming: "Come to my office and wait, no matter what happens, it takes time."

"Minister Lan may need to use the car later, can I go there and pick you up later?" The minister's driver respects him so much, and he has to make a special trip to pick him up later, so there must be something wrong with him.

Liu Jianxin immediately expressed enthusiastically that he had a car to deliver, so don't delay Minister Lan's use of the car. After watching the Audi leave, he enthusiastically led Su Ming to his office. Aid Vietnam wanted to cry but had no tears.

Thinking of Lan Tianyun's confession yesterday, seeing that it was already noon, Su Ming invited Liu Jianxin to have dinner together. Naturally, Liu Jianxin would not refuse, and drove straight to Ping'an Restaurant with two friendly deputy directors.

At first, Liu Jianxin didn't know that this was Minister Lan's wharf, but seeing that most of the customers here were from various trade bureaus, he didn't know after a little inquiring, so he immediately decided on the spot to set this place as the designated reception hotel of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

There was a dispute during the checkout, but in the end Su Ming was weak and could not win over the other party. When we parted, Liu Jianxin kept patting Su Ming on the shoulder to promise that such a thing would never happen in the future.

After solving the problem of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Su Ming began to formulate his own revenge plan. It would not be so easy for them to frame him, but how to implement it, Su Ming decided to follow for a while to try.

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Su Ming bought a small high-sensitivity tape recorder at a high price, and was about to record something useful. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got it on the motorcycle, the sound that hadn't sounded for a long time sounded again. up.

"I found that the third-level analog audio equipment has no value for transformation and utilization. Do you want to absorb it or transfer it?" Then two selection buttons appeared on the motorcycle dashboard.

Not knowing what these two options mean, Su Ming randomly clicked on one of the absorption, and then saw the small tape recorder slowly dissolve into the motorcycle until it disappeared.

Su Ming tried to turn on the detection beam function. After the result, an option appeared whether to transfer to the analog device. After clicking Yes, a tape would pop up from it, recording the content recorded just now.

This function is quite useful, but I don't know how to use it, and there is no manual or anything. Su Ming struggled for a long time, but the sound did not appear, and no new function was discovered, so he gave up.

This is convenient, you can eavesdrop without being close, and you can transfer it to the tape. Su Ming rode a motorcycle to the back of the municipal party committee compound. There is an open space, and the detection beam is just able to face the small building of the Huaihe Organization Department.

Su Ming stayed here for a long time. Apart from hearing a few gossips about the secret fight between the director of the XX Bureau and the deputy director, and the fact that the secretary of a certain district party committee was taken away by his subordinates, it was useless for revenge.

Seeing that it was almost time to get off work, Su Ming was about to pack up his things and go home when he suddenly heard someone say, "Xiao Tian, Minister Chang asked you to go to his office."

It's time to get off work, what did Minister Chang ask Xiao Tian to do? Minister Chang is the Executive Deputy Minister of the Organization Department. His name is Chang You, a very rustic name. He is not bad looking, very energetic.

"Minister Chang, as long as you complete my procedures, I will definitely agree to you." Su Ming heard this sentence when he was in the right position, and immediately thought of a possibility, and hurriedly started recording from this position.

"Yuping, whether you will still lie to me or not, this entry also depends on the timing. Besides, you won't let me taste any sweetness, and I have no motivation to do things for you."

"As long as you complete the formalities, I will give you my body. I'm still innocent." Su Ming couldn't imagine what kind of expression that sweet Tian Yuping, who was like the little girl next door, would use to say such a thing. if.

"You hooked up with those young people in your office, and you are still innocent. If you don't believe me, let me check." After finishing speaking, there were footsteps, gasping and lewd laughter.

"Minister Chang, this is an office, it can't be like this, it's over if people find us two." Tian Yuping struggled desperately.

"It's okay, no one dares to come, besides, who told you not to open a room with me outside." Minister Chang said with a lewd smile from time to time.

"No, stop, or I'll call someone." Tian Yuping resolutely issued an ultimatum. Minister Chang laughed twice, but let Tian Yuping go.

"Hmph, let me tell you, don't think that you can turn it into a formal procedure if you drive that silly boy away. That kid is related to Minister Lan, and Minister Lan is very angry about it. If I don't show up, you can find me. It's useless to anyone, so just obey me obediently." When he said the last sentence, Minister Chang didn't look like a senior cadre of D and the country at all.

"Come on, no one can help you except me." After speaking, there was a tongue-to-mouth voice, and the persistent voice made Su Ming also feel excited, thinking of the charming Tian Yuping in her forties The year-old often looked like he was struggling in his arms, but Su Ming couldn't help himself.

"No, not today, the one on me is here." Su Ming's desire was extinguished with a sudden sentence, and Minister Chang over there was also panting heavily and humming unwillingly.

"Hmph, I'll let you go today, and let me touch it a few more times. You're so small, why is it so big here? It's really exciting to touch." The delicate panting sound began to reappear, and it lasted for a few minutes.

"In the future, don't hang out with those boys in your office. Remember, you belong to me, and my old man will be jealous." Chang Youcai let Tian Yuping go after he was addicted to his hands, but he warned Tian Yuping not to When dating other men, she regards Tian Yuping as her own taboo, how can she allow others to touch her.

"What about me?" Tian Yuping asked cautiously.

"It was just interest just now. When you satisfy me, I will naturally satisfy you too. But you have to hurry up, otherwise, hehe, don't blame me for the changes. There are too many people who want to join the organization department. If you don't complete the formalities in a day, you may be rejected at any time." Chang You still did not forget to threaten Tian Yuping.


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