Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 42

But Su Ming didn't know that this way of handling is already considered humane enough, and it doesn't matter if it's changed. I've already sent you a letter from the door, and all the goods have been taken away by you. Even if you go through the formalities, the goods will be gone It was ruined beyond recognition.

This is because the guy in front of him felt that at Su Ming's age, he would come back sooner or later. He didn't dare to go too far, and he was too embarrassed to talk to Su Ming, so he had to pretend that he didn't know him, and watched Su Ming sit there indifferently. Being motionless, he felt even more disturbed than Su Ming.

"Remember to go to the bureau to go through the formalities." The guy glanced around and saw that there were still people shopping for clothes. After thinking about it, he didn't dare to kick them all out. Seeing Su Ming sitting there, he couldn't help feeling a little scared.

"Xiao Ming, what do you think we should do?" Xiaopang and others came over to ask Su Ming after they had left. Thinking that Su Ming had also been fired, there was nothing he could do now, his fat face was full of urgency and uneasiness.

"Don't worry about it, you continue to sell it, just leave it to me." Su Ming didn't care about it. He just couldn't stay in the organization department any longer. It wasn't that he offended Lan Tianyun. The problem is not a problem, what needs to be done most now is to find out those who framed him and teach him a severe lesson.

Thinking of this, Su Ming acted immediately, first went outside and called Lan Tianyun, but Lan Tianyun's attitude did not change, it was still the same, the two made an appointment to meet in the evening, and the place was still the Ping'an Restaurant.

Su Ming rushed there first, and the beauty received Su Ming, probably because she knew about the relationship between Su Ming and Lan Tianyun, and her attitude towards Su Ming was very affectionate, so she insisted that Su Ming call her Sister Shuang, and open her mouth as little brother, What the little brother said made Su Ming very depressed.

It's not that this title is so ambiguous, the key is that Su Ming is a bit machismo, and he doesn't want to be his younger brother, even if the other party looks older than him, Su Ming is not willing.

When Lan Tianyun arrived, Su Ming was being blushed by Sister Shuang. When he saw Lan Tianyun approaching, he restrained himself a little. After Lan Tianyun drove Sister Shuang away with a smile, he asked Su Ming what's the matter.

Su Ming didn't tell him that he was framed, but told Lan Tianyun what happened to his store. Lan Tianyun laughed at this, but Sister Shuang, who brought the food over, pointed at Su Ming and said.

"Don't look at your young brother, but it's not simple. He's also in big business. He's the one who runs the southern clothing store on Fuqing Road. It's no smaller than your business."

"Yo, it's cheaper for my sister to buy clothes from you. I've been there several times, why haven't I seen you?"

"He's working in the organization department, how come you see him, but you'll see him often in the future." When Lan Tianyun said this, he glanced at Su Ming. Su Ming naturally knew that he was asking if he wanted to work there, but Su Ming really didn't want to go anymore, he shook his head slightly, and Lan Tianyun made a helpless expression.

"Then sister, you can take care of her when she goes shopping for clothes another day. If you need to treat someone to dinner, you can bring her to her, and she will give you a discount." Sister Shuang sat between the two of them.

"What's the discount? It's free. If it doesn't work, you can credit him to the account of the Industrial Bureau and just tell the old manager." Lan Tianyun worked hard to win Su Ming, and even such a small matter would help Su Ming I got it.

"Thank you both, but I rarely invite people to dinner." Su Ming doesn't like to eat out, so naturally he doesn't often invite people to dinner, but the food here is quite to his taste.

"Xiao Ming, catering culture is a kind of communication culture unique to China. Many things are discussed at the wine table. In society, it is impossible to treat guests for dinner." Lan Tianyun saw that Su Ming was still the one who was not involved and explain it to him.

"For example, here, everyone knows that there is something to do with me. As long as you invite people from the official position to eat here, if they see that you can waive or sign the bill, they will naturally know that you must have something to do with me, and it is also good for you. It will count."

After some explanations, Su Ming's eyes were wide open. It turns out that there are so many uses for treating guests, and it's not just about filling the stomach. Regarding the question from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Lan Tianyun waved his hand at the end: "It's okay, Tomorrow, I will ask Xiao Fang to drive you to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to go through the formalities, and they will naturally know that Xiao Pan is a good person, but I didn't expect him to be so short-sighted."

This matter is indeed related to Pan Yuanyue. He went to the cadres first department to do business. He only found out that Su Ming had left the organization department when he was invited to dinner at noon, and Mavericks and the others were still laughing at Su Ming at the wine table. The toad wanted to eat swan meat , who has nothing to do with her behind her, but dares to play Tian Yuping's idea, that's not courting death.

When he went back, he thought, since this kid has nothing to do with him behind him and left the organization department, why should I give him face, so he called the team leader and asked him to deal with Su Ming's business.

The next day, Su Ming arrived at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce in a blue-sky Audi. As soon as the Audi entered the gate, the doorman hurriedly called Liu Jianxin, the director of the bureau. The No. 7 car was here, so it must be a big deal.

Liu Jianxin was holding a meeting of the leadership team. Hearing the news, he hurriedly suspended the meeting, and rushed downstairs with six or seven members of the deputy director's party committee. Why did he come so suddenly? He even set his sights on Pan Yuanyue. Could it be that he came to give this guy a platform?

This guy didn't know how old he was after training once, and he put his hand into other people's scope of responsibility at every turn. He really felt that he was the executive deputy director.

When they came down from the third floor, Su Ming and the others just stopped the car. Before they got to the front of the car, the door opened, and a young man came down and asked them with a smile: "Am I Come to accept treatment, who should I contact?"

As he spoke, he handed over a piece of paper, and Liu Jianxin knew what was going on when he took it. He stuffed the paper into Pan Yuanyue's hand, and asked Su Ming with a smile on his face, "If you don't want to deal with it, leave it to Director Pan." That's enough, what do you call Minister Lan?"

If Su Ming came with a note from Lan Tianyun, Liu Jianxin would not be so scared, because the note is usually written when the leader can't save face, even if the leader calls himself, sometimes it's not so scary, can you do it? Straightforwardly speaking, there is room for explanation.

It's scary to be serious in this form. You don't have to take it seriously, and the other party is not pretending to be a leader, but if you don't try it, the leader won't say anything, but just keep it in your heart. XXX took me seriously once......


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