Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 41

"Su Ming, can you come here? I have a question to ask you." Su Ming was sitting there reading the newspaper, when suddenly Tian Yuping called out, and Su Ming followed her to that room.

It was still a very simple question, Su Ming explained it again and again, but Tian Yuping still didn't understand, she just kept leaning beside Su Ming and asked Su Ming to explain to her, over and over again, what Su Ming said was dry, Tian Yuping still looked like she was not getting any food.

Su Ming didn't notice at all, at this time Tian Yuping had already leaned into his arms, it looked like Su Ming was holding her from the outside, at this moment the door was suddenly pushed open, and four or five people rushed in at once. Looking at Su Ming, they yelled: "What are you doing during work hours?"

"Ah!" Su Ming didn't know what happened. He looked back in a daze. They were all from the training department. When he turned his head back again, he found that Tian Yuping had completely fallen into his arms , and the front of the chest was opened wide, revealing the hemispherical proud breasts, and his hands were on her shoulders, as if they had just retracted.

"Okay, I'm at work in broad daylight, and you guys are here to do this." At this time, several people rushed over, taking everything into their eyes, and as more and more people poured into the room, this scene being seen by more people.

"I don't want to, he forced me." At this time, Tian Yuping in Su Ming's arms suddenly yelled, with tears on her face, after she finished yelling, she turned her head to give Su Ming a sad look, and threw herself on the table in grief burst into tears.

"Go, go see the leader." A few people came over and dragged Su Ming to Minister Lan's office, Tian Yuping followed behind crying, Su Ming turned to look at her, seeing her heartbroken, Su Ming's heart softened, he had to bear the crime himself, and there was no way to explain this matter.

With this plan in mind, Su Ming readily admitted his fault in front of Minister Lan. Of course, Su Ming would not say what he said was cruel, but just said that he had a crush on Tian Yuping and couldn't help but move Let's do it.

This problem is actually not a serious problem now. If it was a few years ago when the crackdown was severe, Su Ming's action could be sentenced directly, but in the unit, especially when he is at work, it is still unforgivable.

Minister Lan was furious on the surface, but his eyes were full of inquiry. He knew Su Ming very well. Whenever he faced a major event, he was calm. Su Ming's behavior was always worthy of this sentence. I will make such a mistake.

When they were discussing how to deal with it, the others unanimously demanded that Su Ming be expelled. Anyway, she was an intern and didn't need to go through any formalities. At the same time, in order to appease Oda, she formally transferred her procedures to the organization department. Agree to this solution.

In the end, Lan Tianyun called Su Ming to his office alone and asked if there was any inside story about this matter. Su Ming still insisted that he did not manage well and failed Minister Lan's trust, and was willing to accept any punishment.

"Then what are your plans, Xiao Su? How about I find another unit for you?" Lan Tianyun's attitude was still so kind and unchanged, making Su Ming very grateful for his trust, but since such a thing happened, it is estimated that It is embarrassing to go to any unit and be known by others, so forget it.

"I'd better go back and do my business. Minister Lan, can you do me a favor? If anyone asks, just say that I borrowed the capital of my business from you." Su Ming suddenly thought of this, in case If it was tracked down, this loophole has not been plugged yet, so Su Ming made a request at this time.

"No problem. If you need help, just come to me. Go and pack up your things and leave first. I'll greet you if you need anything." Regardless of whether Su Ming did something wrong, there is This kind of magical ability will not change its status in Lan Tianyun's eyes.

"No, I'll leave now, there's nothing to fix." With a wave of his sleeves, without taking away a cloud, when he walked out of the gate of the organization department, Su Ming walked very freely. Now that it has happened, there is nothing to do Regretted, Su Ming didn't know, there was a pair of eyes behind him that kept looking at his background until he left.

Su Ming didn't take it too seriously. Anyway, this job is dispensable to him. If he doesn't let him go to work, he can do his own business with peace of mind. There is not much, except that there are people who are flattering, and there is no need to worry about food and drink every day, and the salary is not that high.

The next day, Su Ming suddenly received a call from Xiao Lin. After meeting him, Su Ming realized that all this was not an accident. He was framed by someone for this job.

I don’t know who spread the rumor that this time there is only one quota for the organization department. As soon as Xiaolin heard the news, he felt that there was something wrong. Although he was young, he had a long history of family education. His father was an old organization worker in the organization department. , Naturally, he knows all about these official methods.

Sure enough, when he paid attention afterwards, he felt that although Tian Yuping looked melancholy on the surface, she always showed a smile behind her back, and the occasional eye contact with her people in the department made him even more suspicious.

He didn't just want to defend Su Ming, he didn't have that kind of friendship with Su Ming, but he had a good relationship with Minister Lan's secretary, Tian Jiyun, and knew that Su Ming had a deep relationship with Minister Lan, otherwise Minister Lan wouldn't Give Su Ming the BP machine he replaced.

So, he had been friends with Su Ming from the very beginning, and now, because of this, he came here and told Su Ming the inside story. Naturally, the purpose was to sell Minister Lan well while attacking the other party through Su Ming.

It turned out that what he didn't understand was why Minister Lan didn't stand up for Su Ming. Even if he couldn't be in the organization department, it would not be a problem to change to another unit. When he saw that Su Ming still opened such a big store, he felt that Normal.

Su Ming didn't have much interest in going back to work, but he couldn't allow others to frame him and let their schemes succeed. What made him even more angry was that he didn't realize it and felt that he owed the other party.

At this time, they must have regarded themselves as fools. Hmph, now they are not the little people who can be bullied and cannot resist. After thanking Xiao Lin, Su Ming sat there thinking about how to take revenge on the other party. Suddenly, the group of industrial and commercial bureaus people came here again.

"I'm from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. You are operating here without a license. You must close the door quickly. You must go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to go through the formalities and accept relevant penalties within three days. If you continue to operate without a license, we will force you to seal it up." It's still the same group of people, but just As if he didn't see Su Ming sitting there, he took out a notice and handed it to Xiaopang.

Xiaopang hurriedly brought it over to show Su Ming. Su Ming also knew that the other party's change of attitude was related to his leaving the organization department, so he didn't reveal his identity. If you pretend that you don't know yourself, then you can pretend that you don't exist.


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