Tips For Planning A Successful Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding on a starry summer night is the dream of all brides and grooms alike. Whether it’s going to be held at your spacious home backyard, or at a gala location, a fair bit of planning is needed to make it a memorable night for everyone who is present at the gathering, and for a wedding you simply cannot plan too much. It is only natural for such an attractive occasion to hold a bunch of serious challenges. Shared in this article are four tips that might help you host the most successful outdoor wedding. 

Food fit for outdoors  

Hosting any soirée will hold the challenge of preserving the integrity of the food items served. Unlike indoor affairs, where the temperature and pretty much all other conditions are fixed, open-air celebrations will require you to put some extra money and effort into keeping the guests entertained with good food. Back the best buffet catering in Singapore service you hired with extra ice to keep the sea food, vegetables and fruits cold while also investing a little more on the gas tanks which will be used to keep the food hot and appealing for longer.   

A bug-free evening 

All the dollars you spent on the buffet catering services will be in vain if the food get infested with annoying pests and bugs. This is a concern that most wedding planners forget to pay attention to when it comes to outdoor weddings and the result is a list of unhappy guests who couldn’t enjoy a decent a meal. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your dream celebration by hiring an exterminator to get rid of all vermin 48 hours before the event. Lighting as many citronella candles as you can around the tent/guest area will repel most of the bugs and also, take steps to make covers available for each and every serving dish. Check out more here   

Power requirement  

Lighting, music and keeping food items warm and drinks cold are some of the many tasks that require electricity during the event. If the outdoor site where you are going to host your wedding does not have access to electricity, make a sufficient number of generators available. In most venues that host outdoor events, power slots are available. However, check if the available power is adequate for the requirement and just to be safe, rent a generator.  

The right number of chairs  

It is important to determine the right number of chairs that will be needed for your wedding and also decide on exactly where you are going to place them. If the chairs are to be placed on the grass, make sure the feet won’t dig into the ground and if they are to be kept on a marble floor, make sure they won’t slip.