Lending Or Borrowing Money From A Friend Is Never A Good Thing

We all love keeping our friends close. We like to hang out with them and enjoy our lives together. You must understand though that this is only possible as long as a certain status quo exist between you and your friend. Friendships are usually known to come to an end when money or women get involved. In this article we will only be discussing the money aspect of that statement. Women can be a topic for a later time as this is a very interesting topic on its own. Focusing on money I am speaking of instances of where you either owe money to your friend or you friend owes money to you.

You must understand that I am not talking about situations like for an example you get a fast cash Singapore from your friend to go buy lunch. This is something that is good for a friendship. It builds trust over time. What I am talking about is situations where you either lend or borrow large sums of money from you friend. In such a situation it would put a lot of stress in your relationship if you are taking longer than you promised to pay back or if you your friend is taking longer than promised to pay back. I mean you are not exactly a money lender. You cannot really demand that your friend bay you back and neither can your friend do that to you.

For that reason I would advise you to go to a bank yourself or recommend one to you friend to get a cash loan in such a situation. It would be in the best interest of your friendship to do so. Speaking of banks I would advise you not to use your friend or let yourself be used as security in case of a default relating to the payment. This could also create a rift between you and your friend over time. What you must understand is that I am not telling you to be supportive friend. Be as supportive as you can be, just do not get money involved in that instance. If you are interested about payday loan you can visit this website https://www.maxcredit.sg/payday-loan/payday-loan.php .

There are people you can borrow from if you don’t want to go to a bank as well. That is family. No matter how stressed your relationship gets you are still family. You can always sort something out with family. Not so much though when it comes to friends. You could of course argue that if you and your friend are really close something like this will never happen, that risk is up to you to take though. I am merely advising you to refrain from getting into a bad situation.