Change Management Ideas And Tips

Change management is a much debated topic. Most companies has found itself in hot water after opting to change their entire system. How you manage the system change or upgrade will decide if the change in the system was as successful as expected or not! Don’t forget it is very important that you maintain employee satisfaction and also as always customer satisfaction at all instances. It is utterly crucial that you manage the change in a positive environment as possible.

InquireBefore bringing about any change to the system, be it a complete change of the entire system. Or only part of your existing system. It is important that you consult with those directly involved in the change. As the janitor who worked for NASA during the rocket launch to the moon said that he was a very important employee of the company. As his cleaning directly reflected on the moods of the workers and how well they did their job. So if you don’t consult the employees in your office who will be directly affected by your system upgrade or change they will be reluctant to the change. And they may also be less willing to corporate to the system even if they have the ability to do so. For further information you can definitely click this site for web ERP solution.

ApproachIt is important to devise an approach that will have a favourable outcome on your business as a whole. You can either change your system in one go. Which is a very unadvisable approach in most cases. Another option is you can implement the new system parallely with existing system and then implement the new system step by step. Or you could even completely change one part of the business to new system while the others work according to the existing system. Then little by little you change the entire business operations to the new system. It is important that you choose the correct approach according to your business and its employees. If you are looking to change to a cloud ERP Solution software from either a manual or company handled database software it is important that you first get your employees trained to the software before making them use the software for work purposes.

Handle grievanceWith change there will be a lot of employee grievance you will be needing to handle. It is important that you don’t casually dismiss any of the emotional outbursts of your employees real or imaginative in terms of the change that is being brought to the business. Most employees get a false feeling of going to lose their job. They think that they will be replaced. So it is important that you explain the change before hand and explain to each and every employee how important they are in making the change a success. So always make sure to handle the grievances of your employee however big or small it is. Especially if you are changing to a new ERP solutions for your business, the technical staff may get vary of losing their jobs. Explain to them how they will be included in the business despite the change in the IT. If you do have to make any staff redundant do make sure all dues are met.

AssessMost business forget to assess how well the new system is integrated and how the staff are coping with new system. It is also important to get valuable employee feedback on how well they think the system was implemented and if the new upgrade was necessary. If they are negative of the upgrade ask them for reasons and probe them to give solutions to avoid such happenings in the future. You can also assess how well the system was integrated b getting in touch with your loyal customers. Ask them how the business activities took place despite the change and how well the staff managed to cope with the change and attend to their needs (customer needs).