Keeping Your Phone Clean And Free

It is not just you who needs a massage and some spa time; your phone requires frequent care for both hardware and software. All of us notice it when the phone slowly but surely starts to get slower and slower as it fills up with more information and data that accumulates over time. A phone requires a thorough clean up every few months and if possible, a complete reset. Although you can install an app for managing this, it just means more data collected and cluttered on your phone. So instead, doing it manually from one section of the phone to another is the best way.
Using an external hard drive and SD cards
Internal storage is never enough when it comes to phones and computers/laptops. So you always needs to go and buy additional storage from a hard drive in NZ or some sort of external storage equipment. In the case of phones we almost always go for a SD card. But instead of putting everything and anything on the SD card and filling it up with junks, figure out what kind of things you want to store in the first place and which items should go for the SD card. So try to store your personal information, documents, photos, songs and videos and such on the SD card only. App information and App backups can happen on the phone’s internal memory. If you want to know what info is stored where, then go for an App like DiskStorage which shows your storage options and their usage.
Keep everything organized
It may sound like a pain, but keeping things organized in your phone will help you remove things or move them around as you wish easily. If you don’t know where your App information is stored then you won’t even be able to delete them to free up space. This is the same case when you want to put your photos and such into your computer or your other storage devices but you cannot find them on the phone. Sometimes your phone will save duplicates of the pictures in different albums, and this is seen in the case of where cloud storage comes inbuilt to the phone. So the photos will exist both in the cloud storage and then again on your phone too.
Having a cloud storage bought up is one of the easiest methods of keeping your phone storage safe and clean apart from having an SD card. With a cloud storage you can always have auto-sync options and you have the freedom of using it around as you please.